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Terif the champ


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Ok I just completed 2 losses against Terif. It was very enlightining, especially game 2 which I gave up in late 1940.

Terif played very safe against me. Took his time, had good timing and attacked with brute force. I understand why he is the best, you need a plan for 2-3 years and act accordingly to match him.

So what is his weak spots? 1 thing;

- He set traps for you. Leave understrength units for you to hit which makes you lose the rythm. Ignore those sacrifice, think what is his plan with this move and never accept to fight on his terms.

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Originally posted by Kuniworth:

hm this probably is the worst thread I ever put together.

You underestimate (overestimate?) the others -- believe me, you've had worse Threads, hundreds of them !! :D

And so have I, of course.

Actually, I think this one is pretty good; everyone knows how well Terif plays and at least here you're helping to analyze his style. To me that's pretty constructive and good reading. smile.gif

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