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SC Forum-A Smorgasbord of goodies

Jim Boggs

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My name is Jim Boggs and I am a forumaholic. I tried a fifth of tequila and a pack of Lucky Strikes (Non-filtered), but my will was weak, (I knew I should have tried Scotch-your tip came too late Jersey John).

Ladies and Gentlemen: Presenting the excellent SC Forum, chock full of good stuff.

You want action-check out ZapSweden and Terif's awesome battle royale. I think I like their During Action reports better than an after action report as it creates almost a serial approach, kinda like watching Band of Brothers. I can't wait until the next update! Their posts are like the scrawling at the bottom of CNN. Great job guys. As Oliver Twist once said "Please, can I have some more?"

You want discussion about variables, Allied bombing effectiveness, or ideas about enhancements to Hubert's gift to the world? Check out the numerous intelligent discussions in the various threads.

You're a newbie with a question or comment? Check out Delf's and Hudson's thread and measure the excellence of the forum's responses.

My personal favorite-(one which the Tequila could not stop me from acknowledging)-Check out the classic thread Chat Command.

You want drama?-Check Les the Sarge's offering, in his own inimitable way, in which he actually gives praise to SC. Way to go Les!!!

And finally, the reason for the Smorgasbord title (at least I think it's Swedish) is to bring Kuniworth back into the fold with a big, "You do belong here" statement.

Gentlemen and Administrators:


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