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Mini-AAR: For the Fatherland!


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Last night I played a game against a fairly new player, this is the outcome.

Turn 2:

Operated units from polish front crush the belgian fortifications, low countries falls. Polish air operated near paris, to force-intercept german air.

Turn 6:

Poland finally falls, it survived with the battered polish air hidden in france and a 5-strenght army in the middle of the polish wilderness --> result, russian readiness 41%!!

Germany, now in a difficult position on the french-belgian border, seems to be ready to rock.

Turn 8:

Terror in Belgium, 1 german army destroyed each turn, german air in troubles against 2 uk carriers, 3 uk airfleets, 1 french airfleet and 1 uk bomber. German navy desperate assault, 1 carrier sank, at the cost of a sub, 3 damage on 1 cruiser and 8 to another. Atlantic subs luckily

escape sticking to the northern end of the map, and make it to the baltic sea.

Spring 1940

Germany down to 3 armies, 1 tank at strenght 3, 1 at strenght 7, 3 half strenght corps on the russian border and 3 corps patrolling defensive positions on the french border. Italy enters the war, encountering 2 uk corps patrolling the french-italian alps.

Time to get the kill!! 2 subs at full strenght, now resupplied, guided by the 8-cruiser strike again the british-french navy: 1 carrier down to 1 point, 40 german air factors storming over french troops: 1 army killed, good combat rolls (lost 0-2 on each interception, hopefully dealt more). Tanks in the breach, this is the last hope to take France before Fall 1940.

Summer 1940

French on the run! As the French army crumbles under the hits of the german air (now that the allied one has a hard time resupplying, since that carrier had to cost a lot to rebuild) and land forces, Italian troops reach the outskirts of Paris, soon followed by german panzers and armies.

Fall 1940

When Paris falls, UK troops have just embarked from marseilles, trying to reach the safety of Giblatar.


Italian navy is waiting for them, and at the cost of a damaged (down to 3) battleship and a sub, sinks 1 cruiser and 1 corp, and batters 1 cruiser down to strenght 4. Here the Caio Duilio:


Italian Headquarters decides to buy a bomber unit, to better defend the mediterranean sea from the uk fleet (obviously split in 2), while Gen. Rommel is sitting on the shores of Netherlands, wondering why the high command sent him there.


Uk med navy attacks: 3 battleships and a cruiser began sailing towards italian coast.. There a bomber, placed in the right spot, foils their evil plan! Full strenght italian navy, with full supply, goes on the offensive: 2 battleships sank, at minimal losses. This will result being the last allied offensive in the war.

5 german airfleets, reinforced with the french plunder (1 was bought), fly over england, bombing london, and engaging a furious air duel with the undermanned RAF.


A carrier shows up near England, probably the med one. Luckily no tech for the british people, as they fought too hard during the french campaign to be able to buy chits.

2 corps are sent on transports along the coast of england, one near manchester, the other near london, as a major force of 4 armies (1 italian at half strenght... sigh... i had to win then, or die trying) reach the southern coast, across the Channel. Uk air and fleets still have what it takes: 1 italian corp destroyed as it landed near manchester, 1 german army sank at sea and 1 down to strenght 1 (a valuable army exp.2). It's obviously an all out, as german air and land troops race to london and manchester... In manchester a str. 3 bomber survives, while the corp in london, down to str. 2, gets killed by the german str.1 army in a desperate attack! But no troops to move in, and another corp is raised in london with all the remaining british resources.Spain decides it's time to enter the war

Next turn, another german airbombing on london, while 2 corps are diverted north towards manchester. . There they take down the pesky bomber, taking the city. London remains, as in thrill german units attack the city.. 2, 3, 4 hits... soon the corp is gone, and a victorious rommel lands north, and marches with his HQ into the city!


To no avail USA politicians try to raise popular support for the war: once Dwarven Clowns dressed as british royal guards mock up the last mementoes of the empire that always had sun on it, no one wishes to confront the german and italian powers. The war is over, as Axis powers rule Europe indistubed.


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