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Implement in SC the best of High Command plz :)


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I just received my CD and play my first campaign which end by the 1946 message "All parties enter negociation for a peace treaty". Fun.

But I can't refrain to compare SC to the old DOS-based game High Command. I think SC improve the fastidious tasks of High Command but should keep some features. Overall SC is fun to play and much more user friendly than HC (right click is marvelous). The research part is better in SC, as well as the transport system. HQ are my favorite addition in this game in comparaison of HC.

But I would like Hubert to consider the good part of HC !

- a bigger map to the south : it is impossible to surround a city on the african coast.

- add a port somewhere in Turkey. I know Turkey was not significant in term of battleships, but we need at least a port to transport.

- unlock the end in 1946, I want to finish them !!!

- stackable units : one of the most important improvement I would like to see in a future version. At the end of the SC campaign, France map was almost entirely hidden by american markers. Stackable units allow to make hole on weak line of defense too. However High Command allow a total of 8 units on a stack and that was too much, causing Russia to have a lot of difficulties to defend. But a stack of 3-5 units would be great.

- the possibility to split or merge units of the same type.

- a diplomatic phase. High Command was using a nice diplomatic phase. The countries enter at war by "trigger actions" like in SC, but it was possible to compensate a little by using a lot of money in diplomatic action.

- the possibility to begin the game which Germany alone activated. It was fun to make a totally new game opening. UK was activated on the first declaration of war of Germany, but not France, which usually wait for a couple month to do so.

- the possibility to specify option for the 'biggest minor countries", I would like to be able to specify if Spain, Turkey or Sweden are neutral or random.

- and more important : the production system. High Command was using a far better system (IMHO). It use manpower, coal and oil to produce units. This was a very important factor of war. As Axis for example I was always lacking oil and definively need to get the Iraq oil as well as Romanian. As long as the Allied player was strong enough to defend them, Germany was unable to produce a lot of tanks and airfleet. High Command use a system of allocation of ressource which was quite boring (each ressource have to be allocated to a specific factory), and I'm delighted not to have to spend 5 minutes each turn to do this... The production system in High Command use a system of delayed production : 1-3 months for army, 4 months for tank and airfleet, 8-12 months for boats, which was more accurate and exciting, you have to make the good choice for the future. With SC, I was able as the Axis to build a large fleet in a few turn ! HC use a cool feature factory-based for USSR : the possibility to relocate is industry far away from front line.

- the possibility to give an allied some limited amount of MPP.

- the national anthem of each country which enter to war smile.gif

This is the first time I take a moment to ask for improvement, but this kind of game is totally out of the general stream and we need to take care of this precious exception smile.gif

Anyway, the game is fun and worth well $32.

And forgive my rusty english. :D

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I agree that HC was a good game and ahead of its' time in many areas. I enjoy SC graphics, especially with the mods that were made by dedicated players here. The HC production was really good and I agree it is better to have production lengths for different units, possibly with extra cost to speed up production. To creat an entire fleet in 1 month with SC can be a bit crazy. I also think the techs in SC can be a bit to powerful. In HC I believe the techs were a bit more subtle. Didn't it do limited things like it may make Mech Infantry better at Air Combat or perhaps able to produce in half the time? I do like SC and it is well worth it - and Hubert has been great and has done much in supporting us "the fans". I would like to see a Pacific version or entire World War with some added unit choices and more detailed research. I think all units should not get automatic upgrades, perhaps only be able to upgrade by taking a turn with a city...

Well got to get back to work, good hunting to all. smile.gif

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