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The power of HQ's


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Just thought I'd summarize an interesting observation I made when invading England.

I had taken London and the capital of course moved to Manchester where there was an American Army. Close to the army but cut off by my troops was Eisenhower (level 9 HQ I believe).

I hit the army 7 times with level 5 jets and KNOCKED IT DOWN ONLY 1 SPOT!!!!

I followed up with 2 level 5 Armor and had NO EFFECT AT ALL!

I was starting to wonder how I could even take the city. The next turn, I took out Eisenhower first, then the city fell with little effort.


1) HQ's have a HUGE effect on combat.

2) HQ effect does not seem to need a friendly supply path, it appears to be enough to be within the 5 hex range.

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