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Super Genius AI Bonus

Edwin P.

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A large part of what holds your interest in SC is that you don't know for sure when the major powers are going to enter the war or when/if the minor powers will join the Axis.

I proposed that at Genius Level that the AI player receives a randomly determined bonus.

Example: Axis AI Bonus's

15% Spain Joins Axis after France Falls.

15% Turkey Joins Axis 2 after France Falls

20% German economy on a war footing. Germany starts at Industrial Tech Level 4.

10% Germany starts with 5 Free Tech Chits.

20% Germany receives 5 bonus rocket units and 2 chits invested in Rockets.

10% Japanese Offensive in Siberia cancels Siberian Transfer for Russians until Moscow falls.

10% Italy shares Technology Advances with Germany.

Example: Allied AI Bonus's

15% Iraq & Vichy Syria Joins Allies after France Falls

20% Merchant Shipping to UK is doubled and US enters war at Industrial Tech Level 4.

20% A 5% per turn that Turkey joins the Allies after Russia is attacked.

10% Early Defeat of Japanese in the Pacific during Gives US 3 Carriers and 3 Air Fleets and 3 Bomber Fleets and Triggers Siberian Transfer in October 1943.

20% US and UK share Technology Advances

10% Pro Allied Partisans (AKA Yugoslavia Partisan Rules) Appear in Axis Occupied Spain, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey.

5% US Receives 5 Bonus Bomber Fleets at Tech Level 3 Bombers.

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Thanks Curry, Most Excellent Idea, I will have to find the time to do that.

Now for Genius AI Bonus #10

Allied Genius AI Bonus

5% All Remaining Neutral Nations, except for Switzerland, Join Axis on the Fourth Turn after the Axis DOW Russia.

Axis Genius AI Bonus

5% Spain and Turkey join the Axis after all Axis Minor Powers have joined the Axis.

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