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My wishlist for Christmas (Hubert, read this please?)


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The game is great. But for christmas, I have made a wishlist. I wish that my favorite game, SC, had the ability to

1) Operate units from Norway, thru Sweeden, into Finland and beyond.

They did this in real life, the railroads excisted then and they excist today. I don't understand why Norway and Sweeden have becomed an island (the lack of map to the north is alright, I mean the linkage).

If you really want to spice this game up, then you should allow this operational manuver, for the axis - without forcing the axis to actually defeat Sweeden. Sweeden used some diplomacy like this to avoid getting attacked, and it worked. Both ways. Not really neccesary though, just a gimmic.

2) Free French continues fighting till either they are dead, or the war is over.

As it is now, they surrender when Britain surrender :( Why? I don't understand that. USA gave the Free French lend-lease, so they should be able to draw supply from USA in case UK surrenders. At the very least, they should continue to excist, even if they can't draw supply from USA.

3) Free Commonwealth smile.gif

Think about this. Is it unrealistic? I remind you of Churchills famous words: "We shall fight them wherever they may be. We shall never surrender!"

I can list a number of good arguments for this, but I am keeping it short smile.gif So I just ask you to think about this. Perhaps you should think about "Britain" as "Commonwealth", then it makes even more sence.

4) Egypt is made a nation within the Commonwealth, the same way Canada is. In addition, 1 unit can be built per turn in Canada and Egypt each.

This would increase tensions in North-Africa alot, as Italy now actualy got a reason to go and take Egypt (the MPP reward, simulating the loss of the extremely important Suez canal).

Alot of Commonwealth soldiers came to fight in the European Teathre thru the Suez canal. New Zealanders, South-Africaans, Australians, and so forth. By making it possible to build 1 unit per turn in Alexandria, this would be simulated, without unbalancing it. Britain would probably not build 1 unit per turn in Egypt anyway (she needs to spend MPP other places too).

In addition, though this is not neccesary but would please alot of gamers...Canada and Egypt is able to continue collect their MPP from their 2 respective countries factories, after UK and her colonies fall. Might not be much, might mean much less, but it will feel real good! ;)

4) Give the Finnish hex right above Leningrad the famous fortification hex that is found in France.

That would solve that issue ;) Alternatively, you could just give them max entrenchment value from the beginning. The unit bordering Leningrad that is.

5) Ability to transport rocket units

I don't see any reason why this cannot be done. Even the biggest rocket units can be taken apart, loaded on transport ships, shipped to another harbour, and assemlied again.

6) USA is given the ability to reinforce minor countries units, in the event that UK is toasted

If UK is defeated now, then the minor countries cannot be reinforced at all. USA should be able to continue this work.

7] Iraq is an axis-minor, with a pro-axis coup similar to the one found in Yoguslavia

True, although this part of the war has gone unnoticed by most, it still happened. And hey, the 30 soldiers defending Copenhagen, is in this game a full-strenght Corp that may take 2 turns to defeat. The Commonwealth used the coup as an excuse to take control of the nation (and Syria as well as Persia later on).

8) A Danish port at strenght0, so boats can move thru until Denmark is conquered and the passage is filled with mines and secured

I know you have been thinking about this, but it still is on my wishlist for Christmas ;)

Just think about it? ;)


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Originally posted by dgaad:

Free French units do not surrender when France surrenders. Any French unit located in CW territory becomes a Free French unit automatically. Are you using the latest version of the game, I wonder?

You got it abit wrong dgaad (that's alright) ;)

I wrote that Free French surrenders when "Britain" surrenders, and I asked why ;) See? smile.gif


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