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Battle of the Titans: Avatar vs Hellraiser


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Okay folks, this is going to be a match for TV. Hellraiser (aka cosmin) is gonna try and take the title for himself. Since I'm #1 ISCL, we all know how impossible that task is for him! In any case, bid is 245, I'm Allies. No AA, std rulez.

Turn 1:

- Cos gets Pol Brk

- Ireland not DoWed

- Fr Fleet not disbanded

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Turn 2:

- LC falls to Axis, Carrier + transport spotted off Denmark. Transport attacked by AF, carrier intercepts.

- Poland lives on, Konigsberg captured

- Corps on elbow hex destroyed, 2 transports show up on west coast of denmark, ready to take anything left over.

- Subs not found yet

- 2 BB's attack german corp attacking copenhagen. Counter attacks expected.

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allies destroy a tank using massive ground/air (carriers) forces

In retaliation, LW sinks a carrier...the second carrier couldn't intercept due to low str.

1 french cruiser killed

1 french corps killed

cannuck army badly mauled

counters aimed at the second tank expected

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germans lose the second tank

the price paid by the allies was their second carrier

german navy interferes near LC and sinks an UK BB

on the ground, 2 french corps killed, 1 fr army reduced to 4 ... not much

It seems allies will commit almost everything to try to stop the axis in france

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i left myself open, leaving an army protecting the hex near brussels at str 5

allies go berzerk committing everything to attack it and capture brussels, killing an AF in the process...

due to this mistake, i will have to concede the game i think...grrr, sh*t happens ;)

we'll play a few more turns though

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game over, avatar wins

I was way too careless with the ground forces and relied to much on HQ support but good combat rolls of allies were more than a match

i wanted to try a heavy sub strat combined with only norway and sweden DOWs...maybe next time ;)

seems competitive game play is not for me anymore tongue.gif

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So typically me, posting at the beginning and now at the end. Hell's only fault was putting high value pieces in the elbow hex. I bought extra armies, bought corps, and used the weak air (carriers + unsupported UK air) to pick off units with low str. That strat cost me 2 carriers, but it gained the time needed, and Axis simply couldn't put more soldiers in the line. Good game by Hell.

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  • 2 weeks later...

it was not that hex avatar was talking about ... the hex in cause is the one left of brussels in which the troops there get hit by landings from uk

Indeed it is a risky hex to put heavy pieces on , because when axis try to breakthru, they usually hit the hex northwest of ardennes thus using the hex near brussels for a second ground attack. If germans get unlucky and cannot breakthru, the piece put in the hex near brussels/elbow can be attacked twice via landings. If the germans breakthru, they will have two troops (one under another) and uk can land only 1 troop (the landed troops cannot land and move due to the second german unit)

I pushed my luck anyway tongue.gif

It's a bad ideea to fight Avatar's allies using risky stuff ... Avatar is going berzerk in France usually and will commit everything to try to stop axis in France. Moreover, he has sick dice rolls as well so the best strategy for axis vs avatar is to slow play the the nazis - Avatar hates long games tongue.gif

But now I am even with avatar ... as Rambo was saying, I am finding myself again :D:D:D

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