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AAR : USA Gets Saddam Tourney : Rambo (Axis) vs Zapp (Allied) --> [Rambo WINS]


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I just got back from a long week in Salt Lake City, Utah. I took care of business there, I'll take care of business here. George W. Bush took care of the rat Saddam, I'll bitch slap Zapp. Bid went 335:3350.

"Operation Red Dawn"

"Target Wolverine #1 & Wolverine #2"

"We got Him"

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August 1941:

Axis are attacking with bomber, carrier and air (both across English channel and from Norway). Both side have L1 Jets and UK is naturally defending (interceptions).

Italian navy passed gibraltar some while ago so UK is no longer secure out in the Ocean. One Luftwaffe air fleet killed after attacking London (plus was intercepted).

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Fall 1941:

Portugal is Axis. Spain is almost Axis. Northern Russia is under siege by Carriers. Axis carrier training program must be countered.

In southern Russia, Axis fell back after facing heavy resistance. They have formed a defence line in eastern Poland. The Russian Jets have now improved to L1 so they can do some damage now (Germany and UK are at L2). Russia decides to attack before Spain & Iraque cash & Axis carrier training gets the upper hand.

Russia moves southwest towards Romania which is still (surprisingly) quite lightly defended by Axis.

To be continued...

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Fall 1943:

Axis attack UK. Fresh USA air arrives to help out but the Axis numbers (air+bomber+carriers) are overwhelming. In the east 2 out of 4 russian air fleets have been destroyed. Russia fell back in the South. War is lost.

Allies surrender.

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Rambo final Tech:


AT (1-chit) --> 0

HT (0-chit) --> 0

AA (2-chit) --> 0

LR (2-chit) --> 3

BM (1-chit) --> 2

JT (2-chit) --> 2

SN (0-chit) --> 0

SB (1-chit) --> 1

GR (0-chit) --> 1

RT (0-chit) --> 1

IT (1-chit) --> 2


AT (1-chit) --> 3 ***

GR (1-chit) --> 2

IT (1-chit) --> 1

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