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How often is moderators visiting the forum?


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After september 11th USA acted swift to avoid new terrorattacks against them.

In our forum the opposite occurs. The moderators vanish, compare that to all airports suddenly telling their security crews to take a week off. Would never happen. It's absurd.

Come on guys put up a fight. Even I think this is dull and not funny.

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Originally posted by J P Wagner:

Since I notice you provoke and supply as many useless threads around here, you are the last one to wonder where the moderators are...fools follow fools, and like a moronic pied piper, people like this Lucky dude follow you...

Damn, that was harsh. I'm gonna stay out of this because I like Wagner. But your still good in my book Kuni. ;)

Comrade Trapp

[ September 26, 2003, 12:13 PM: Message edited by: Comrade Trapp ]

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