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Ryder cup Kuniworth vs Wachtmeister TCP/IP


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Comming soon...I will continue the glorious swedish tradition of hard and disciplined fighting. The swedish army conquered northern europe in the 1700th century. Now I aim to continue on this tradition with an important victory over Wachtmeister.

May God be with the swedish arms!


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Sweden could never compete with the manpower reserves of Russia. Swedish decline from power in the beginning of the 1800th-century was a direct result of a small and poor country drained on manpower not be able to compete any longer.

Sweden was attacked in the year of 1700 by a surprise attack by Saxony-Poland, Denmark and Russia forcing the kingdom to fight a three front war. Unfortunately for the attackers the swedish army, at this time arguably the best arm in Europe and possible the world, had never been better prepared for war at any time in history. Recruiting and organization was performed with calm and staedy pace after detailed instructions.

Denmark was forced to surrender immediately after a amphibious landing near Copenhagen. Russia was then crushed in the Battle of Narva making Tzar Peter retreat from the baltic. The swedish army then spent 8 years in Poland crushing all resistance, russian as well as polish.

However swedish power was lost due to an disastrous invasion of Russia ending in the surrender near Perevolotjna 1709. Tzar Peter wanted peace after Sweden succesfully defended it´s border but the swedish king refused and invaded. Battle of Poltava in the Ukraine 1709 was a massacer...26 000 russians with over 100 cannons lined up was charged by 4000 starving swedes resulting in the swedes routed. After this Sweden could never recover although the systematic recruting system made it possible to set up a new army in southern sweden immediately.

But the tradition of karolinerna certainly lives on. It was an army that was programmed to attack at all costs on the battlefields. With shining bayonets enemies where charged and soldiers told to never fire their weapons unless "they could see the white in the enemies eyes".

A great miltary tradition.


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Originally posted by Amona:

Ah, a new Karl XII is born, it seems.

You know how this conquering of Northern Europe ended, dont you?

There is always waiting a Poltawa and a Perewolotschina for you. smile.gif

Sweden, I think, is the only country being able to defeat Russia in wars (16th and 17th century).

What Karl XII failed to do, was repeated by Napolean and Hitler too i.e not an easy task.

Germany (WW1 and WW2), France (Napoleon) and Sweden (Karl XII) lost against a country (Russia) with a big defensive advantage thanks to the enormous country size.

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As mentioned above, the Swedish Army was probably the best in Europe during the reign of Karl XII. In addition to the well drilled and tactically [not strategically] well led infantry formations, I believe the Swedish Army retained the first rate light horse artillery invented by and used with great effect by a previous Swedish leader, Gustav Adolf.

We take you now to the virtual 20th cebtury with a bid of 50 for Axis.

Recommend you spread out those infantry formations and break out the Orlikon (SP?) and Bofors auto cannons, or the USA Rangers will be conducting a good ole down home "Turkey Shoot". Sure hope those Saab delta wing jets don't show up too soon!

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Yes Gustav Adolf II revolutionized the infantry role and made units more mobile: That was the key to why Sweden during the 17th century could conquer the baltics and the german coast.

Under the leadership of Charles XI the swedish army organization and recruting system was made the best in the world. Cavalry tactics was revolutionized and used as shock-troops, riding "knee on knee" in wedge formation they rode down any opposition.

However what happened at Poltava and indeed also a bit earlier was the comebak of artillery as key unit on the battle field: The swedish army doctrine of attacking no matter the odds was shot to pieces by cannon fire.

Zapp; Yes Sweden won a serious of important wars against Russia. And it´s only interesting that the maybe biggest russian war-hero is considered to be Alexander Nevsky, who defeated the swedes on the neva back in 13th century.

But Russia been defeated by other nations though. Japan won the russia-japan war, much thx to English passive intervention but still.

Russia also lost world war I of course.

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sep 3, 1939

Usual axis attack, Pomorze army destroyed, lodz army down to 3. Airforce at strength 1.

Denmark invaded, coastal bombardment makes no damage to defenders in copenhagen.

In the atlantic subs are striking at allied shipping lanes...26 MMP destroyed.

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Axis turn 2, oct 1939

LC invaded and conquered. No allies air interceptions...1 french army reduced to 7 on the border to make eventual counterattacking less successful.

In Poland 1 polish army and 1 corps destroyed. Panzer at strength 5 attacks Warzaw to reduce entrenchment and keep level on city garrison at max 8.

In atlantic the german subs are not found.

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Jan 7, 1940

Axis begins the new year with a massive assault on the allied center. It breaks and panzers and an army isolates the UK corps in the pennisula up north. Another german corps takes the french mine.

France got a HQ it is now in Paris, canadian and a french corps is defending outside the city.

A german army reduced to 2 is reinforced.

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