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ChinaWins999 is no newbie


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There were post about me being stupid and waste of time? you are wrong i play the ai because the ai has 9999 head start! i wouldn't say it a waste of time! I do not play humans because humans cheat and there are hacks out there. Anyone that wins lets say 300 and loose only 2 or 3 games are cheaters! And the pace of playing aginst human player is so slow. Also if you notice your opponent seems to know every move you make they are cheating is so abviouse i see it all the time in game such as Civilization Conquor, Age of Empire, World War 2 Online, WarCraft 1 2, 3, Heart of Iron, And the list goes on and on. Now you know why i prefer the computer not because i am suck but because i prefer a honest game.

I posenaly have no problem playing a game where my opponent has an advantage by hacking as long as he declare i am using a hack then i feel challenged you see what i mean?


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Dude, relax. You're staking things way to serious.

1. Playing the AI is EASY!!! Your little brother of 5 could do that.

2. Giving the AI extra mpp isn't going to make it play better.

3. Playing the AI will teach only so much. There are tons of strategies out there that you'll miss out on.

4. Playing SC online (TCP/IP) is not slowpaced, PBEM is. Did you play online already?

5. SC is nothing like those other games you mention, if you haven't played SC online you're a SC newbie (that's not meant as a bad thing)

6. Cheating is almost impossible, unless you use FOW sniffers.

7.Welcome to the forum, crack a joke, have a laugh, get to know people and you'll notice everyone is rather friendly overhere. But stop boasting you can beat tha AI with this or that setting.

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Ok Thank You for the post! But really have you tried beating the ai when it has 9999mp head start? I will be honest i was only able to beat the ai as the allies never as axis. So try it and then tell me beating the ai is peice of cake or cake walk what ever prefer to call it!

I have played human and the first human i played quite after 3 sessions or turns.

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If you're looking for a game post in the opponents finder forum here

I'm sure someone will turn up that won't quit after 3 turns.

If you wanna do some PBEM games, we got a fine league, join here

And sorry to say, I don't see the point in playing the AI with a zillion mpp's when I can play and learn the real SC by playing other players.

But your point is well taken, from now on you will be know as :

Chinawins999, Slayer of the zillion spending AI !!!


:D Play the game, have fun !!

[ November 21, 2003, 02:45 PM: Message edited by: kurt88 ]

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What are you talking about? I haven't heard one person say you are stupid and a waste of time, you need to grow some thicker skin.

Secondly, yes, you are a newbie compared to the people on this forum. Beating up on the AI is nothing compared to playing against a human player. I don't care if you give the AI 100,000 mpps, it will never do anything new, it will still never do certion things (Sealion, ect.)

Also, in the year that I've been here, I have never played a game with anyone that I thought cheated. This is not the type of game that is so competive that people take the time to hack it, nor is anyone on this forum like that.

Comrade Trapp

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If you want a game with someone who won't quit after 3 turns, and who doesn't have any hacking programs (and wouldn't use them anyway), then send me an email.

I play PBEM, so yes, it is a little slow. But that is actually a good way to play because you get a chance to plan your moves between turns.

Take up the challenge, and prove to the world that you aren't a newbie! smile.gif

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Playing the computer after giving the computer 999 MMP ruins the point of starting the game for starters.

I mean seriously, why waste time playing a quasi historical simulation if your first act is to completely throw out the game's credibility before you even begin?

In the game, some things will seem odd when playing against the AI. But it called Artificial Intelligence for a good reason eh hehe.

I think we sometimes type the letters AI and forget to remeber what those letters mean.

The AI is NOT thinking, it is not capable of thinking. It is only a calculator. It calculates what it can, but it never for one second thinks.

It won't be pondering if you are about to pull a Dutch Gambit, or a Rome Gambit.

It won't even have heard of those Gambits smile.gif

As for cheaters, every hobby has those petty small penis losers that can't win honestly against smarter people. You learn to accept they might be out there. But rather than jumping up and down and getting silly, you just gotta pity them and ignore them.

Most people are not cheaters.

Best advice I can suggest, learn people skills, learn to recognise friends, learn to play THOSE people and you won't suffer in the end.

And if you want a good game, I am open. And you can ask around, yep Les doesn't cheat, if he did he wouldn't lose nearly as much as he does smile.gif

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I do not play humans because humans cheat and there are hacks out there. ... Also if you notice your opponent seems to know every move you make they are cheating is so abviouse
Rumors of hacks are unfounded. If this is still a concern, then play a game with FOW off.

An opponent who seems to know every move you make is not necessarily cheating. An experienced player who understands WWII grand strategy can usually anticipate an opponent's moves and often create conditions to lure an opponent into a trap.

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Or in the case of my friend Jay, who was playing Hotseat last night on my system and we would get up and not watch between turns, the man completely sucks smile.gif

Jay you reeeeally make me nervous knowing you are joining the army hehe.

He makes me look like the game's top 5 ranks players all wrapped up in one hehe.

I sure hope you read the SC Guide sloooooooooly Jay.

It was awesome, he had lots of airpower, but by the entery of the USSR in 41, he had not even accomplished making me lose any of France and I took the LC BACK from him hehe. He attacked Switzerland too.

Oh he might mention about the German and Italians he had roaming around behind Paris. They were quite good for training purposes, until I killed them.

I had a solid wall of armies at 10 from the LC to the Med via the Maginot and Switzerland.

Needless to say, the game was over when Russia entered. It's not like to German corps were going to slow them much heheh.

A good wargame SHOULD follow history in most cases.

Therefore, when your opponent maximizes on history, yes it will seem like they are perhaps psychic sometimes.

It's only when a crafty opponent pulls a Rambo (yeah I will give him a custom term I guess) and does something freaky which generates a weird game effect, that the game allows for something odd looking.

Hey I have in some games sold the French fleet and bought something radical with it on turn one.

It will affect the game drastically in some cases if you do stuff like that.

Usually though, odd stunts like that don't work twice against a thinking opponent.

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Whoever solves the artificial intelligence

problem will truly be a legendary figure.

Ideally, the computer would mimic the style

of the real-life tyrant.

The axis would be aggressive and reckless,

the USSR would pour men into the meatgrinder

without regard for the value of human life,

and the British would defend their king at

all costs. The anglo-allies would favor

strategic air and sea power, whereas the

axis would favor tactical air and uboats.

Maybe the axis should be programmed to

underestimate the Russians and other slavic

nations. So what's the 999 stand for?

Is that the date of China's last victory?

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Alas, I fear we, my fellow Forum members and myself, have been a trifle insensitve toward ChinaWins999, and he may have gone elsewhere. :eek:

And who can blame him? He received little more than snide remarks and abuse.


We should just be friendly with new guys. A little enthusiasm should be extended in response to those mavelous "God, I beat the AI!" adventure tales.

This used to be such a great place for welcoming new guys -- what happened?

I, for one, have seen the light and promise to make a sincere effort to mend my ways.

Okay, I've tried and unfortunately it didn't happen.

Next ... ! tongue.gif

[ November 23, 2003, 10:00 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Seems to be a lot of that going around (slagging newcomers), although at least this time it wasn't as bad as the other example to which I encountered recently (but it was elsewhere and not important to here).

Frankly though, I am currently of mixed feelings where China is concerned.

When a person comes to a forum, the name they pick should not seem like something chosen which won't matter to them the next day. The post they post for their first post and exactly what they say in it should be well you know, at least neutral.

After all, when you have just arrived and know no one, the last thing you want to do is say all the wrong things in as short a time as possible.

What exactly is the point in picking a nickname that clearly was chosen to display disatisfaction.

ChinaWins999, I have to say that name only tells me he won't be here long enough to worry that later he might want something more interesting.

And the first post is basically to state hey this game sucks or a variant of that feeling.

I don't think it really matters if we say anything much more on the matter until the dude comes right out and says he plans to stay or not.

And if he has already gone, then it becomes a dead subject.

No one said anything that could in any way be considered overtly nasty.

He came in and with post one made himself look silly in front of strangers.

On pondering the matter, if he can't take even the marginal reponses he got here, then he might be best to refrain from interacting with strangers online.

And he will just have to settle for bashing his AI and get over it.

Considering the rant he gave about playing humans, he is already fairly convinced we are all unworthy. Seems to think that way about almost any sort of game too.

I hope he knows how to make friends better in person.

[ November 23, 2003, 10:26 PM: Message edited by: Les the Sarge 9-1 ]

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Agreed. And as Dragonheart mentioned, I've given that same sort of photo treatment to numerous new guys in the past and nobody ever took umbrage. Actually, they were always received in the spirit that was intended; never laughing at the person, but with him.

Kurt's illustration and label, aside from being really -- really!-- funny, actually paid the guy a compliment, so I can't see a problem on that score.

I don't know if I could beat the AI with either the UK or USSR having 9,999 extra MPPs. Of course, I would be too hot to play it under those circumstances because the board would be filled with AI corps and hacking through them would be just plain tedious. In several scenarios I assigned the USSR 2000 extra MPPs in exchange for 0% entry level, and always regretted it. Instead of playing any more creatively, which I didn't really expect from it, the only thing that happened was the board became clogged. A board cluttered with pieces doesn't really appeal to me and is one of the things I don't like about my own Brest-Litovsk Aftermath Scenario.

The main problem with China, to me, wasn't the name but the remarks right from the start about how weak the AI is -- hello? :D

Nothing was said to alienate him unless he chose to interpret it that way, which I hope he didn't.

I'm sure I myself drew infinitely more negative replies to many of my early posts. Which is another thing we've forgotten, a year ago there were six or seven guys here who made it their business to pick on new members. The difference there were so many new people always coming in that nobody really gave it any thought. Which is how it should be; this is not a sensitivety hotline, it's a place for guys who want to level cities and enslave entire nations without leaving the comfort of their computer rooms. ;)

[ November 24, 2003, 12:13 AM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Why do u care if he leaves... He was so annoying lol... I was waiting for other people to tell him to shut up. He bragged way too much about his mad skills against the ai +99999999999999999999999mpp.

honestly have you ever tired playing the ai with +99999999999999 or even +999999

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Aw mpacc , you miss him too! ;)

-- His heroic adventures against the AI with Fow on!

-- -- His redefinition of Newbie as anyone with two or less posts!

-- -- -- And, well, I'm sure the list would be longer if he'd only hung around a while, but hey, twelve posts is enough for any Forum, a good time for moving on to new conquests! :(

[ November 24, 2003, 05:00 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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