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New AAR: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

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I will shortly begin work on a new AAR entitled. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

I intend for this to be an accurate portrayal of the Germans in WW2, (doesnt mean historical, who knows what could happen.)

I may or may not cause a few people to feel uneasy. I know that some certain symbols are outlawed in Europe, therefore i will try to avoid pictures with over excessive use of the Swastika. However other policies of the Nazi Regime may slide into the story slightly.

I hope that my new AAR will be enjoyable and intriguing.

I will set Allied AI to plus 1 and difficulty to Intermediate/ Advanced.


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Part 1: From the Depths of Obscurity

It happened so long ago its hard to remember now. Where should I begin? I guess it began on the night of November 8th, 1923, in a small beer hall in Munich. For that night, a young ex-corporal from ww1, decorated with the Knights Cross attempted to overthrow the Bavarian Government. Luckily the band was surrounded an decimated, and the Young Corporal was thrown in prison. A year or two later he was back, I don’t know why they let him out so quick, and by the end of the decade his National Socialist Party was one of the strongest in Germany, and few years later, he was Chancellor of my beloved country.


For the next eight years, we armed. The Western Allies were shocked at our buildup. By 1939, we had reoccupied the Rhineland, annexed Austria, and captured and absorbed Czechoslovakia without firing a shot. We had already achieved a great victory, throwing off the shackles placed on us in the Treaty of Versailles. Then, in late August 1939, the Poles attacked a German border outpost, or so they said, and a week later we plunged into an abyss that my country has yet to recover from.


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