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We need a league!


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Club or league play would really help out. With Axis and Allies, it ensured a game whenever you wanted one, make a consistent rating system, and generally made the game more competitive and games more reliable. Using the chess ratings system is a good way of keeping rates.

So, has anyone attempted this yet?

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Great idea!

I have a Sun Ultra 10 not doing much of anything I could donate for the effort. There may be one issue however. It is located at a local university microelectronics lab where I work part of the time. The lab is partly funded by the NRC and if the funding ever goes away (possible with fickle Canadian govt. agencies) then so does the lab bandwidth. I will look into this tomorrow. I know the current mandate _should_ have the place running till next fall. I will do some more checking.

I have a virgin install of OpenBSD 3.2 on the box now (Apache, PHP, MySQL) so it would be quite suitable. CVS is also on the box and can be used for revision control. I can also donate some coding time, but I wont have a terrible amount of it until early December (when a major project deadline and code freeze goes into effect here at work).

So, someone (else) start designing this thing eh? ;)

Anyone interested in working on this can contact me. My address is in my details.



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