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I know this post has to be in the support forum but as nobody will read it therefore i put it here.

Since yesterday i have a serious problem to play TCIP games as i get always I/O errors.

The facts

I can connect with my opponent, everybody can do his move,both can also chat but as soon as one is sending his turn i get I/O error and the other one the message connection terminated. The odd thing is when i host and try to sent the turn every other options but to finish game are greyed out as usual but.."I CAN STILL CHAT WITH MY OPPONENT".

So fact is i dont have a problem establishing connection but to send or receive the data file.

What did i change since the last time it worked fine?

- i made a new setup of my computer

- i loaded the same programms on my computer which i had before

- i uploaded upgrades for my WINDOWS 98

- i use now 2004 version of Norton Systemworks (instead of 2002version) (This is a Symatec Product which includes Firewall, Internetproduction and other usefull items)

Solutions i tried so far

- i reinstalled SC with 1.07g patch

- i forwarded port 6530 (Terif read this in another tread)

- i disabled the firewall

- i tried also with another player

- i checked my internet connection which is ok (i can visit all sites and my mailprogramm is working as well)

But always the same :(

Does anybody encountered this problem before??

What can i do else????

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Though you say you have disabled your firewall, I think it has something to do with your firewall. Make sure its off. Maybe even hard booting your computer and making sure the firewall doesn't start up.

Reread your post... make sure all those "neat programs" that Norton Systemworks is running are turned off. I suspect that if it isn't specifically your firewall, its one of those other programs. Just turn them all off, hard boot, making sure they don't start up, then connect with someone for a TCP game. I suspect your problems will not reappear.

Other things that are possible...

Also make sure who you are playing with has the same version as you.

Do you have any weird hard drive compression programs that are running?

Mr H is good at figuring out these things, so make sure you post the problem in the technical support area.

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Still no solution :(

Meanwhile i have no firewall on my PC anymore. (Completely removed).

I have tried all possible solutions. Fact is that i did not change my software after the setup...the only changes were some new windows patches (security patches for Win98 SE) and the newest direkt X from windows.....all other things are like they were before when playing SC via TCIP was working fine.

I have no idea anymore....

To spend another hole day for a new setup and than to face maybe the same problem?? :mad:

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Sorry Dragon, its a real pain when that stuff happens and especially so for us computer challenged people.

I still have a problem with not being able to host a game. And I did have some problems of playing another game on line and it turned out to be my firewall that I had to readust. But it sounds like you did that already.

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This is almost a non-answer but I would (I'm no expert)

1) Uninstall SC

2) Run disc scan / defrag / and any other support program to 'clean' your computer (Sounds like you have a corupt SC program if its not your internet connection or your firewall)

3) delete you 1.07 patch - redownload patch

4) reinstall SC - patch ect..

5) review you security system and put settings to very low or off

6) test - play AI - Play PBEM - now try IP

7) move sucurity settings up if #6 works and try again.

OK weak suggerstions but I don't see any of the computer smart people answering yet.

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Hi Iron,

Already tried that way....SC works ag AI, SC works PBEM, SC manages to connct other people, SC crashes when sending file or moving unit.

Either i throw it into the waste-basket or i play PBEM to my life end or i try another setup of my complete system :(

At the moment i wanna trow both out of the window :mad:

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