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Still feeling very lonely in Belgium (crying now)

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By now the postman thinks I'm some sort of lunatic

He sees me every morning sitting by the letterbox

with bright shining eyes.

As soon as those eyes go dull because the game that the entire world except me seems to play,

still hasn't arrived, he beats a hasty retreat...

Fitzroy looking for fellow sufferers


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Hmmm.. you sure the wife, room-mate, or dog has not taken it while you were not looking?

Perhaps that neighbor of yours, who is feindishly laughing next door, has received it for you, and instead of giving it to you, has decided to keep it?

I smell a conspiracy!

Aloid (has game in vault, away from wife)

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Now that really sounds, as if your postman was Pancho Villa / Mannerheim - although, I still think, that it was all made of by Ambrose Bierce, who wanted to draw our attention away from the fact, that he had a son with one of the vampire dancers in the Titty Twister, a son, he decided to call Adolfos, who later emigrated to Austria, then Germany and the rest became history.

But the story doesn´t stop there: After the war, A. fled to South America, where he first heard of Elvis Presley (also stationed in Germany - coincidence??) - so he abducted him (while faking his death) and made him become a prof. killer.

And now guess who killed JFK?

And next week, we will explain the part of the Merowinger dynasty and how they cooperated with the same aliens, that built the Washington Monument...


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Miracles DO happen!!!!

Whilst I wrote my lament yesterday the game had already arrived. I have two letterboxes, one especially for parcels the other a regular one. Guess which one Pat The Postman used to squeeze in the game?

Anyway it's on my harddrive now, I've downloaded the latest patch and after checking out some of the users' mods I'm off to conquer the world.

Thanks for the support guys!

BTW Aloid would the reverse also work? Wife in the safe well away from the game?

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