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Changes for HQs


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A while back it was argued that a max limit should be imposed on the number of units a country could have. Various reasons were presented among them logisitcal support problems (gas, ammo, sparepart etc) of operating large number of airfleets or heavily mechanized panzer units.

My suggestion to deal with this problem is that a limit should be imposed on the number of airfleets and panzers/armor a HQ can support. A HQ should not be able to supply more than 1 airfleet at a time(maybe 2). It would naturally still be able to support say a mix of 4 other units and the 1 airunit. In the same arguement a HQ should not be able to support more than 3 panzer units at a time.

This would partly simulate the increased logistical strain it would be to support for example 5 airunits as opposed to 3 corps and 2 armies or 4 panzer and a airfleet. Also it may, without imposing a fixed max limit on the total number of planes that could be bought, go some way to set the balance between army and airforce right in SC.

For example under this rule for germany to use 5 airfleets to drive the Allies out of Suez requires a much larger logistical support in the forms of HQ than at present. This simulates the nightmare it would have been to park 5 airfleets in the midle of the desert and then keep them in supply a long distance from Germany while bombing the brits. However the rule would not make a airpower strategy impossible just more expensive and dependent on logisical support.

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Another thing that could be done to prevent air dominance is having a penalty for multiple attack on the SAME target. This is quite historical because if u bomb the same area for weeks with the whole luftwaffe then the enemy can dig in and mobilize air defence guns.

Say i attack leningrad with 6 air fleets. the first attack count as 100%, then 80, 60, 40, 20, 20, 20 and so on.

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