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Newbie to wargames


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I would also recommend you start out with Strategic Command.

Compared to most other wargames, it has a significantly smaller learning curve and is just a straight forward game in general. Also, it take far less time to complete a single game compared to Hearts of Iron.

Personally, I think they are both great wargames. However, at the same time, they are both different.

SC is more of a “beer and pretzels” wargame, where you are only looking at the game from a strategic perspective and not a tactical one. In SC, the units you are working with are no smaller than armies, corps, and tank groups. With air, only have two unit types, strategic bombers and fighters.

HOI on the other hand is far more detailed, you not only have to play the game from a strategic perspective, but also a tactical one. In HOI, you are working with units as small as divisions, air wings, and destroyer flotillas. It requires far more management than SC does.

Hope this helps. ;)

Comrade Trapp

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