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updated Roster: Team-USA, play for the Red, White, & Blue


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Hi SC-prospects for Team-USA,

Since I've been away, I read the Ryder Cup may manifest into reality. The purpose of this thread is for those interested in playing for Team-USA in the Ryder Cup competition. I don't know the official rules of play, so the number of members needed cannot be calculated. But, you know what? We want every American to be part of Team-USA regardless of skill level. This is about our country & gaming, not about individuals, accountants, lawyers, rules, & a bunch of crap.


If you don't know, I'm back, Rambo 2. I've already been asked if there will be a Rambo 3. I'm sure the trilogy will be played out, but that is way off in the future. Right now, it is my responsibility as Captain of Team-USA to draft, recruit, & train a team.

The team is to represent the United States SC-players, in world-wide competitive events. It will be necessary to announce pairings of some sort. This will be done by previous playing history, Ladder, Z-League, are just some of the measuring sticks WE will use to determine the line-up, BUT not the only way. There is more than just old statistics to field players; current events are just as important. I believe blood, sweet, tears, spirit, image & chrisma are just as important if not MORE important. Lets not forget about our PBEM brothers. I KNOW WE HAVE PBEM GUYS OUT THERE! Uncle Sam wants PBEM guys for our PBEM division.


As a member of Team-USA, the first requirement is quite simple, you must be a American citizen. You don't have to be "Born-In-the-USA" (Bruce Springsteen), that is a requirement to be President (see Arnold for Governor type ruling). That is it, be a U.S. citizen. If you are close to becoming one or have a "Good argument" for being eligible, just let us know, we are NOT lawyers & will consider your case.

I'm really excited about this. I love my country & it's way of life. I've had relatives who came to this country before it was a country, fought in the Civil War, WW-I, WW-II, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Desert Storm I, Desert Storm II, & now lets play SC.


Bottom Line: You guys know what this is all about. Enough said. Details to follow when our competitors show up & the format is determined. If you're serious & interested in playing, please post here. Include any position preference such as PBEM, TCP/IP, time restraints, rules you might like, scenarios, anything we should consider.


Captain Jon J. Rambo

Current Roster (in order of appearance, duties subject to change):

1) Captain Jon J. Rambo --- ASSIGNMENT: TCP/IP Marine Journeyman. Play the top matches in the world, no easy task. BACKGROUND: creator of various gambits, wild play, & smack. Two-Time World Champion. Will gamble when necessary & when not necessary smile.gif

2) Sir Jersey John --- ASSIGNMENT: PBEM Divisional Commander, is expected to do recon on all scenarios, negotiate gaming victory conditions, & bring home the PBEM bacon. In charge of all Team-USA's PBEM. BACKGROUND: Responsible for scenario creation, historical accuracy, development & delivering testing patents, & of course the World's Top Forum Favorite smile.gif Jersey is a lock for the Team Chrisma Award.

3) Commando Comrade Trapp --- ASSIGNMENT: TCP/IP Midwest Strategic Air Command (Air Calvary - SAC which is in Dayton, Ohio), Comrade Trapp is fighting out of the heartland & steel factories of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. First assignment is to engage the enemy where they stand (that's beat Euros). BACKGROUND: This guy is a workhorse All-American, a perfect picture of what Team-USA all about. Pennsylvania has the best stock of people, rent the movie 'DeerHunter' for further defintion on "CT" smile.gif

4) Tank Admiral "Panzer39" ASSIGNMENT: PBEM Grand Admiral of the Gulf of Mexico. Assigned to the SouthEast portion of our country. Is responsible for the loading of tank forces (Panzer39 really stands for Pershing44) onto warships from the ports of Corpus Cristi, Texas; Jacksonville (even though Mayport naval base isn't in the Gulf, they can swim around the Keys) & Pensacola, Florida. Is responsible for the launching of his troops wherever needed in the world. Has the option of sailing thru the Panama Canal to sneak up on Euros from the other side of the map smile.gif BACKGROUND: Engineer of tank design & naval combat, thus his great respect for the Panzer.

5) Wachtmeister ASSIGNMENT: Patriot Minute Man Has heard the call of his country & volunteering to play TCP/IP or PBEM. BACKGROUND: Multi-dimensional player, good organizer of his troops, & strong reputation with his peers. Must have family roots from Tennesee & the Northeast.

6) Disorder ASSIGNMENT: Rear Guard Willing to take the responsiblity of filling out the team if/when necessary. BACKGROUND: Shoe in for the 6th Man award. Another smakline guy with chrisma. With his addition the USA has sealed the Chrisma Trophy.

7) Liam ASSIGNMENT: Liberator Liam This first generation American has assimulated to the team. No longer under the tyrant rule of George III, he drinks his tea freely in the States. Willing to toss the old teabags into the Atlantic to show his loyalty to the 13 original colonies. BACKGROUND: Currently ranked 3rd in the World. Has been a long time adrmired member of the Forum SmakLine. Has brought his game to a more competitive level after a rough start. We are looking for a much needed win from Liam the Liberator.

8) Some_god ASSIGNMENT: The Rookie Rocket Currently the youngest guy on Team-USA, will be sent behind enemy lines to cause turmoil. Has been working on his game & trying to make a name for himself. BACKGROUND: Unknown, possible Mormon roots from Utah with self-proclaimed "god" status.

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Yes it is the Alabama. If you are ever in the area it is worth seeing. They have a number of planes there as well as the Sub. They also have a civil war fort about 10 min away. I live in New Orleans so its only about a two hour drive. When going to Florida I make whom ever I'm with stop and take the tour. My girl friend got a little miffed after the third time.

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The MayPort Naval Base (active base, lots of sailors call in HomePort) in Jacksonville, Florida has even more ships, some active, some not. They have an out of commission aircraft carrier (forget the name) for the public to tour.

If you more historic sites (oh no, I said historic, here comes all the history buffs), drive to St. Augustine, Florida & visit the old forts. Oldest city in the United States settled by the Euros.

I still prefer visiting Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Even more, I prefer DisneyWorld, golfing in Mrytle Beach, South Carolina; & bet football in Las Vegas, Nevada.

West coast has alot to offer too. I like the Oregon Coast, never been to Alkatraz. Seattle & Portland rock.

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General Rambo

Appreciate the fine write-up and appointment and we couldn't have a finer leader than yourself. smile.gif

The PBEM Division is Ready, Willing and Able! We've got experience and depth and are sure to triumph.

-- Panzer & Some_God Great Pics, that pre-WW II BB moving out from under the Brooklyn Bridge caught my eye because the skyline looked so much better back then, today the same scene would be cluttered with a wall of forty story buildings. New Jersey has the BB New Jersey anchored at Camden but we haven't gotten to see it yet. The CV Intrepid is closer to us in Manhattan and that's always worth going to.

Gettysburg is definitely a great visit. Little Round Top is one of my favorite places, especially off season when there aren't many people wandering around.

There's a place near the center of the crest, looking out at the Confederate lines -- Devil's Den down and to the left, the Wheatfield and Peach Orchard below and to the right -- that has some sort of spiritual attraction. I'm sure everyone has a place like that somewhere, some spot that draws you and puts you in touch with something beyond the ordinary, for me it's that patch of rocky earth overlooking so much of the second day's fighting.

Around five years back a total stranger, a woman, stopped my wife and myself as we were walking along a path. It was a cold October day and the field was almost totally deserted. She said she was a spiritualist and had noticed the way I went to that specific place, lingered for so long without budging, and hesitated to leave. My wife said, "He goes to that spot every year," which was true -- the first time it was as though my feet found it without any guidance. The woman nodded and said, "Yes, you died there during the battle." She wasn't trying to sell us anything and was even rushing off while she was talking, almost saying it across her shoulder. We never saw her before that, or on later trips.

I'm still not certain whether she was seeing something or only an eccentric. No doubt I favor the place because of the great view, but there are other great views and that is the only one that literally touches me. If she's correct, then it must have been a sharp shooter in Devil's Den who did the deed. If it was one of our members in a prior spirit, he has my gratitude for dispatching me so quickly and making it painless. ;)

Gettysburg is one of those places where a lot of people seem to see things and have strange experiences. Unlike most I've never been a great believer in the supernatural, but have always felt as though if it were anywhere, it was on that Battlefield. If you look closely there's supposed to be a column of infantry that appears and marches and makes noise, people have said they thought it was a reenactor group, then it vanishes in mid-step. That's something I'd really like to see and hear if I ever get down there again.

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Originally posted by JerseyJohn:

Gettysburg is definitely a great visit.

I felt G-burg was too Commercial. When I went we had lunch at General Lee's HQ Restaurant and dinner at General Pickett's Buffett.

Murfreesboro is the best national battlefield as far a keeping it close to original feel. Very few monuments. Very nice. So nice I belong to friends of Stones River even though I live in Iowa. LOL

Shiloh was beautiful in April with the dogwoods blooming. Chickamauga was nice too. Perryville was a great state park. Being a state park we could camp and fight on the original battlefield.

Of course I am biased towards the Army of Tennessee anyways. Bully for Bragg, he's hell on retreat but will whip the yanks yet. LOL

Definately will have to get down and see the Alabama. Only time I was in Alabama was when we were going to the national reenactment at Chickamauga. Skirted through AL to get into Chattanooga.

Any other WWII vintage ships out there to visit?

Oh and to make my blathering game related. I can't remember what the two US battleship names are for the game. Is one of them alabama?

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The only other Civil War Battlefield we've gone to is Antietam, which I also enjoyed. We went there on the anniversary of the Battle and you're right, it didn't have any of the glitz that seems to go with Gettysburg; only a handful of people and we were fortunate in having a very low key but extremely knowledgeable Parks Dept guide who gave a great walking tour. Afterwards we walk around for a few hours on our own.

In order to enjoy Gettysburg you've got to get away from the commercial aspects. From my haven on Little Round Top you don't have anyone trying to sell you souvenirs, which is one of the reasons we usually went during the Winter or Fall, when the Battlefield itself is like a big park with nobody making a fuss.

The monuments are mostly decades old, many placed there during the late ninteenth century when various states were trying to outdo each other. Most of them blend in, except for some of the oversized things that Pennsylvania erected.

General Lee's HQ is a good part of the field, but you've got to get a few hundred yards away from the Motel before you can start enjoying the battlefield itself. Much of that area is pretty interesting, the ground where the first day's action took place, Buford's dismounted cavalry with their holding action against Heath's large infantry division.

Getting back to the commercial aspect, we always stayed in a house opposite the motel and up the street from the steeple where Buford directed his delaying action. One night I went for a little stroll, ending up in a clump of trees. I heard some voices directly behind me and saw it was a "ghost tour." It didn't occur to me that they couldn't see me in the shadows. A few minutes into the guy's speil I walked out, almost behind him, and half his following jumped out of their shoes. Then they started laughing. The guide said, "This fellow isn't part of the tour, honest!"

It would be better if their wasn't so much traffic noise all the time, mostly from speeding trucks, but that just demonstrates what a fine road juncture the place was, and still is.

My wife enjoys the commercial parts of it, I mean the restaurants and museums. We usually go with my brother and his wife and the three of them enjoy the tourist stuff a lot more than I do. My own preferences are pretty much like yours, I prefer something as close to looking like it was during the event as possible and I'd like to be left undisturbed to wander around and see things for myself. If I've read about the battle I don't really want a guide showing me where things happened, it's more fun finding them for yourself.

The only time we went there on the Battle Days, my wife dragged me up the little Castle near Josh Chamberlain's area and some BS artist was telling his wife how it had been there during the Civil War and the Confederates tried taking it, etc & etc. To make matters worse he had one of those booming voices and other people were listening, taking his nonsense seriously; he certainly sounded like he knew what he was talking about, except it was all nonsense! No one even asked him why that dopey castle would have been built before the battle occurred, but that's the way it is, nonsense is accepted as fact if it's said with enough confidence. .... When he was through his wife rushed down the stairs and I couldn't help giving him a hard skeptical look. He looked back, smirked, shrugged, shook his head and we both broke out laughing as he left. He knew he was BSing, but at least he did it with conviction and I admired his style. That same day I also overheard accounts of Hood dying on the field of his wounds, and that was from somebody leading a group.

Anyway, if you ever go back to Gettysburg, you might want to try it in early November, when the vacationing tourists are freezing at home, but there isn't any snow on the ground. At that time of year the place tends to be pretty open. Hang around Devil's Den when nobody's around and see if you get a vision of picking off some poor dopey bastard on Little Round Top; if you do, we need to have a reunion. ;)

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Originally posted by JerseyJohn:


The only other Civil War Battlefield we've gone to is Antietam, which I also enjoyed.

Yeah I hit Sharpsburg on the swing east and also Harpers Ferry. Harpers Ferry was the most impressive of them all. Went in Late October which is the off season.

Did the Pickett's charge walk and all that. I hear it looks nicer now that that eyesore tower is gone. I think it was the Alabama or was it the Mississippi memorial with the Angel over the dead soldier that touched me the most.

Some of the reenactors are really into that Ghosts of Gettysburg stuff. I don't believe in them, but the stories they make up are interesting. And if they exsist G-burg would be a definate place for them.

A few of the guys from this area were going to go to the 140th G-Burg this July. However it got postponed and they never did. Being there could you have imagined what that little town would have been like with 50000 reenactors and 100000 tourists that they were forecasting? Can you say "Madhouse"? Thought you could.

Of course my interest in Civil War has always been west. Army of Tennessee and the Battles for Tennessee and Georgia. Now that is in the waining as I work more and more on WWII history and research.

Plus I have been a confederate reenactor, 6th Tennessee, for 11 years. Time to move on. LOL :D

Hmmm how to relate this to SC? Good luck to all the Ryder Cup SC players on both sides.

Sorry, that's all I could think of.

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Hope to run into you if we ever get out to one of your haunts. We don't travel much but Chickamaugga and Chatanooga -- Lookout Mountain would be great -- are on a wish list along with Shiloh.

Thanks for mentioning Harpers Ferry, I didn't know it was a good location and that's someplace us homebodies can reach in a half-days' drive. I've also heard that Petersburg is being developed into something involving computer enhancements. Always suspicious of virtual experiences but this one might be interesting.

As I say, I'm not really into the spiritual bit, that woman was a little spooky but for all I know she might tell that same thing to ten people a day.

Tying this in with SC is easy. Just say it's great that we can discuss the American Civil War in an SC Thread. Also, we hope more Civil War Buffs join the SC American Team.

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Yeah, you'll enjoy harpers ferry. It's very pretty. Not much remains of the arsenal there which sucks. Cause they made some nice weapons there. But war tends to do that.

Chattanooga was nice too. Chickamauga was not bad. I just wasn't that impressed with Georgia. They had been in a severe drought when we were there in '99. Wouldn't allow any camp fires in the woods. Smart move. So we froze in the mountains of north georgia.

Then sprained my ankle in morning battle tripping in the underbrush.

It wasn't a good event for me. But others enjoyed it. LOL

With your love of history, you will enjoy the area. There is a lot to see and do.

Of course you can take along your laptop and play SC on lookout mountain. LOL

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Sorry about your ankle, for a while I kept twisting both of mine in what seemed like every gopher hole on earth. That lasted about a month, then it stopped. By then I was limping of course.

Having to take my wife along on these things affects both ends of the experience. In a sense it makes it worse because I'm not really free to look at the things I'd really enjoy getting into, but on the other hand it's enjoyable because she asks questions that are reminiscent of the early Third Rock from the Sun episodes! Next time my millionaire older brother starts talking joint vacation (he enjoys saying, "Your money is no good on this trip!", which is the one thing I really love about the guy) I'll try diverting the trip to those western locations. You and your Soviet reenactor friends would get a kick out of him, he's the very embodyment of vile capitalism gone completely insane! Me, I'm basically a Bolsheivik, but if I had my brother's money I'm sure a miraculous transformation would occur.

Of course I'd be playing SC on my laptop! :D

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family came to south carolina as indentured servants some time between 1755 and 1789. time for PAYBACK!

entirely willing to fight all british, canadians, french or other similar-types and although not highly skilled at sc, will fight with total disregard for my own life. :D

pbem only

if you already have enough players or whatever, no big deal.

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