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Best of the Legends : AAR : Codename Condor vs Johnny Legend Rambo


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No golfing today, that's tomorrow after church. Yesterday was a Tex-Holdem tournament. Therefore, lets play a powermatch against the Clone, Codename Condor.

House rules:

1) No landing on major on DOW turn

2) Germans maximum of 8 airfleets

3) No FOW sniffing smile.gif

4) Bid system 1:5:20

Clone (Condor) got the Axis with bid of 200

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This is going to be over early. France desperately needs to get an HQ to sustain in Germany. So does the UK or else everything is for naught as Poland is going to fall within two and three turns while Germany easily holds a defensive line with skeleton forces.

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September 1, 1940

France surrenders. Prague still allied (1 canadian corps getting hit)

Good first year of war. Scandinavian converted some time ago and lots of UK ships sunk including 1 carrier. No losses except that sub (my fault) and 1 cruisier.


5 AFs

1 bomber

3 tanks

tech HT level 1.

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january 1941

Hungary and romania joins axis.

Brest axis and Prague conquered sometime ago. Malta axis. Only bergen still allies.

2 french corps just arrived in Egypt when the port was going to be axis in the next turn.

1 BB sunk south of france and 1 french corps killed in Egypt.

And Vicky France converted.

[ May 22, 2004, 05:11 PM: Message edited by: Codename Condor ]

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