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AAR : Hollywood Legend giving Terif fits


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pre-Game: I know Terif is the best in the world. But I'm the still the crowd favorite. My German opponent gets the bid of Axis -150. I think? What should I do as the Allies? Carriers, no. Tech & Jets, no. It's double-gambit time, baby!

What has happened:

Terif conquers Poland & Denmark turn #2.

French forces move into LC, loot Brussels, turn #2

Germans stock pile air, no surprise turn #3-4

Allies land in Italy, wax several ships #3-4

Germans stalled on the Rhine #5

French go pyscho, invade Germany #5

Nazi lead forces wipe out 3-French units #6

British air getting overwhelmed #6

Germany navy shows their face, take out Battleship

Italy navy clashes in the Med.

Allied navies hold! Sink all but 1-Italian, German navy runs, we pursue & find those bastards. I send my British carriers to finish the job. No! I get the German navy but costs me 2-carriers!

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Rambo really played a kamikaze game and throwed everything into France and killed it. If my units were not fast enough to kill them they got suicide... ;)

During the battle of France Italy could occupy the whole Mediterranean from Gibraltar to Syria. Nowhere an enemy, everyone was in France - only one single corps remained in southern Italy. Allies lost all three carriers, all airfleets, and 6 UK-ships (french battleships disbanded) in the attempt to stop Axis forces in France.

He could delay the fall of France until March 16, 1941. UK: Only 2 ships, the canadian army and some corps survived the battle of France. Germany: 4 airfleets, 5 armys and both tanks survived.

Now in July 1941, Norway is Axis, Sweden short before. Yugoslavia under siege.

But really amazing: UK has only ONE ship left, + 6 landunits(according to the record)in England or Canada. No air, no carriers.. so Axis can concentrate on Russia that will enter the war soon. After the last transport sunk near Brest it is quiet in the west ;)

[ March 14, 2003, 11:50 AM: Message edited by: Terif ]

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Sorry, but Rambo is at work now. Maybe we continue at the weekend. He started this AAR because he thought he would win fast ;) (I prefered this longer fight in France with the opportunity to kill all air and carrier). But from my point of view I have to say it looks now very good for Axis without a real UK opponent left. Only Russia and later USA as Allies...

[ March 14, 2003, 12:19 PM: Message edited by: Terif ]

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