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AAR - Grudge Match - Sombra (Europe) vs Rambo (USA)


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January 1940 ---

- Germans sneak attack Norway with 3-LF stationed in Denmark. In the words of Yogi Berra,"Hit 'em where they ain't." This was done due to RAF straffing with intercepts. Norway converted.

- Subs are dead.

- Small jabs on the French w/ only 1-LF in the area this turn.

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April 1940 ---

- Action in 3-areas: Sweden, Southern France, & Rhineland area.

- French taken Munich & bring another corp after my LF just East of the Rhine. Nazis front strength pieces back up & get 1-kill on the French corp trying to trash my planes on the ground. We put a line of corps in front Western line.

- Marseilles group spread out to meet Allied corp line.

- Nazis put most of their effort in Sweden, doing damage & getting close to the capital.

- I operand unit to Bergen, no gift to the Allies, until I find out where the carriers are.

- IRA (Irish resistance) is reinforced.

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May 1940 ---

- Sweden is doomed, they die next turn.

- UK corp destroyed SW of Brussels, this is good getting a kill & moving corp around the line.

- Southern France we are stalled, but inflicting damage while taking none.

- Damn French corp takes Sicily.

- I lost my sub couple of turns ago.

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June 1940 ---

- Sweden is converted! Zig Heil! We all goosestep in our Kacki pants. Himmler bows down to some Indian god symbol. Blood for the fatherland.

- Northern France we get a corp sweep all the way to Paris, damaging Canadian & French Army heavily.

- Souther France we continue to pound, France doesn't lose any units, but they don't have the MMPs for all this damage.

- Italian Navy pinging Egyptian coast.

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July 1940 ---

- Allied forces continue their staunch defense, waxing German Corp who was wondering around Western France, cutoff.

- Southern France, we kill UK corp.

- Manstein escapes across the dangerous waters from Scando, others wait though.

- German cruisers in ports (Brussels & Danzig)

- Italians pinging Suez Canal.

- Gerries collecting 300 MMPs / turn

- Italians only 95 MMPs because of Sicily lost.

- UK probably getting the usual 130

- France probably 120.

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