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Tebourba was held by Lieutenant Colonel James Lee with nearly 700 Hampshires and 500 East Surry's. While American tanks were being roughly handled north of town on December 2, British infantrymen fought for their lives 2,000 yards west of Djedeida.

Fischer deployed the Wehrmacht's latest secret weapon, sent by Hitler with a guarantee that it would be "decisive" in the Tunisian campaign. The first Tiger to arrive at Bizerte seized up on the dock; the second broke down on the road west..."--An Army at Dawn

...a few others rumbled into Djedeida just in time to slam into British lines at midmorning on December 2nd.

Just posted up this battle at the Proving Grounds.

I've setup the battle so the Ai attacks you and makes it a bit fun.

I've playtested it too much as I no longer know if it's hard or not? :D

I'd appreciate any help you could provide.


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