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Evacuation of France


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I have played the AI at highest level and was able to place three army one HQ and a tank and two corp in UK before France fell.

Still playing Waiting tell russia gets invalved and move the french agianst norway and the like, looks like a good option from here agianst the computer.

was playing a human on some mod that gave the french 9 army tank HQ and other and was able to evacuate all units to uk was nice! Even though I pissed them away, had good possibillities.

I know my spelling sucks, Pardon.

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It seems to go real good.

you can get all army out and two or three corps out (all if really wanted to ) and a HQ.

I am playing a few games now where I have done it( Human vs Human ).

I pissed them away on one game But might of helped Russia a little.

other Games not doing too bad but a little early to tell, even so If I fail I will run with it untill it works!

I seem to never kill too many German units on the defence of france anyway.

You can evacuate France and keep germany from taking controll untill aug 40 maybe longer if done right.

one of two ways to do it. anyway u can use UK corps to rear guard and three french corps.

it seems to me that Germany does not go after france untill the fourth turn.

Now the one way I would like to exploit is the Brest wall.

You don't lose french units (never more than about three corps) retreat to brest and have UK force withdraw back toward brest.

After holding Paris.

I think a guy could hold out long enough. And German units have to come all the way back, along with only one hex to attack from, so thay need air On back wall.

anyway if you don't lose french units you don't lose france as long as you have a city in your control.

And It seems to me that you should not use the french units until russia is at war.

at that time germany will have to send a sizable force to stop them from keeping control of what ever thay go after.

It is fun and it works agianst the AI real good (at the highest level)as far as getting everybody out and holding france untill nov 40 or longer.

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I don't think you will have a chance? use all corps that you can build some in UK and trans down. slowly replace maginal line with corps and work your way out.

I disband air unit that is all you really need to do, but if you do disbant your fleet try and not get units killed so to prevent germany from conquaring france he must get every city.

If you hold him off at brest you can build unit there and trans to uk. must get them off trans use port

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