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Ok we aaaaaaaaaall know the AI can eventually be seen as not so aggressive in some aspects.

Does it reeeeeally surprise you a computer AI is not the same as a human mind though?

Why are people always so shocked they are smarter than the machine?

We have aaaaaaaall heard the game has some shameless major holes in potential security where online opponents are concerned.

So what.

My question is, how many are enjoying the game ala Hotseat mode?

Further, how many play the game hotseat mode against themselves solo, merely for the thrill of examining the wars many potentials against the stiffest challenge possible, themselves.

I am looking forward to SC2 for a few reasopns of technical merit, but gotta say guys, SC is still agreat game, because in the end, I will always be available to play me a game eh smile.gif

And it's like I know every move I am going to make in advance heheh I must be cheating.

Hey HC, what are you going to do for SC2 to eliminate all this solo game cheating?

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