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What I miss in SC....


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Well I hope I do not repeat too much wishes that are already posted...

First two small things...

when games are saved, I´d like them also save the real date&time, so I can find the last game easier (I am lazy, I save the name offered by SC)

also, as soon as I want to get rid of old saved games, a multiple selection of files to be deleted whould be very useful. During playing the game I am often interupted, so many save games are on my HD....

now to the in game thingies:

when russian troops are two hexes away from warsaw, german troops occupying the city should suffer 1-2 point damage due to revolts in the ghetto.

After Russia is defeated, the german after-war plans should be considered. e.g.didn`t they want to occupy the whole area.

The AI is making mistakes working with HQs. It seems it is programmed to save them at any cost and being in threat, they even operate them in the Reich, not considering the consequences for the troops left behind. Without an HQ in the area most defences/attacks are useless, often leading to the loss of the rest-troops.

And now I´d like to say how much I LOVE SC ! It is defenitly one of the best recent games, thats why I want it to get better and better!

Keep the good work...!!


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Stahlwolf --

Interesting idea about Warsaw, I'd be in favor of it but with all the other suggestions over the months it might be hard to fit in.

Regarding Asiatic Russia --

Most German plans involving Russia referred to an empire extending from the Urals to the Atlantic. They wanted the Ukraine with it's wheat, the Donitz Basin and Caucasus with it's oil and minerals. The locals were to be slaves serving German war veterans and their families.

I recall very little concerning German plans in Asia. Usually it was described as either a fatally weakened USSR at peace with the Reich, or scattered independant states replacing an overthrown USSR. I think even they realized their limits.

After the fall of France there was some interest in Germany of having their WW I African colonies returned.

As their atomic research progressed they also wanted the Belian Congo for it's uranium.

Some sort of colonial department was organized during the war, complete with uniforms, the whole nine yards, but it never went into operation.

In all of this they probably saw the Urals as a natural and very defensible boundary line.

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