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Thinking on a Grander Scale


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Thanks to Hubert for this fine game!

Reading through all these messages it is apparent that many people are interested in expanding the

capabilities of this game. Most talk of WWII variants or a WWI expansion. I'd like to carry that idea just a little bit farther. It seems to me that the system Hubert developed has the flexibility to cover:

The Great Wars of 2oth Century Europe!

Great War 1 (Will it be the one to end all wars?)

Great War 2 (My tech is better than your tech!)

Great War 3 (Speak deftly, carry a big nuke!)

I don't know how hard-wired the game's settings are but with a small touch of additional "diplomacy" applicable to each of the eras, some combat could be done with units representing political actions, freedom fighters, financial actions (lost production points) and other aspects of non-combat warfare. Some calculation would have to account for events taking place in other parts of the world at the same time.

The WW I and Cold War periods would each have their own distinct flavor because of the prevalent weapon lethalities and maneuver capabilities,or lack thereof. The implications of nuclear weapons would make for a lot of careful balancing in a Cold War module.

If one wanted to push it a little more, you could probably have editors that allowed you to set the start points for WWII and Cold War based on the ending position of games played in WWI and WWII. You could, in effect, attempt to play a campaign covering the entire 20th Century. Even if the 3 wars had each ended differently, I'm sure mankind would have found a way to carry on with other major wars about every 20-30 years anyway! smile.gif

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