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SC2 - US Actions while the US is Neutral

Edwin P.

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Thanks to Les the Sarge I recently visited the WIF site and downloaded a copy of their rules.

Here I found an interesting option - over 50 actions that the US player can select from while they are still neutral.

Adding a similar feature to SC2 would make the game more interesting for the Allied player who just sits and watches while the Axis player acts like an out of control steamroller.

For example, in SC Format:

At specified war readiness levels the Allied (ie US) player can select a single action from a randomly generated list of 10 (or 12) available options.

Example: At 40% and 70% readiness levels -the US can select one of the following options:

1. Lend Lease to the UK Send 15MPP per turn to UK until the US enters the war via Merchant ships

2. Lend Lease to Soviet Union Send 15MPP per turn to USSR "

3. Lend Lease to France Send 15MPP per turn to France "

4. US Gives Retired Cruiser to England UK recieves cruiser

5. US Air Units are activated but can not leave the US and can attack German units within Range

6. US Naval Yards Repair Allied Ships. Allied ships can be repaired in Neutral US ports using US MPPs.

7. French ships can enter US ports and become US units if France surrenders

8. US Government increases research spending US can Invest 1 of its 2 chits in a tech area while still neutral.

9. US ships can freely attack Axis ships while US is Neutral.

10. US produces Bomber unit. (can be selected more than once)

11. US air units can base in Canada (only if Option 5 was previously selected)

12. US transfers cruiser from the Pacific to the Atlantic

13. US sends military aid to Norway. Norway gains 1 corps next to Oslo.(Only if Norway is still Neutral)

14. US sends aid to Spain. Spain gains 1 corps next to Madrid (Only if Spain is Neutral, can be selected more than once)

15. US gains 1 tech chit in Industrial Technology or Bombers or Anti-Air. Research occurs while the US is neutral.

16. Add 25 MPP to US starting MPP force pool. (can be selected more than once)

17. US purchases Suez Canal from the UK. Suez Canal hexes become US controlled hexes. UK gains 30MPP.

18. US sends aid to Greece. 1 Greek Army relocates to Athens and entrenches. Corps in Athens is displaced to neighboring hex.

19. US sends military advisors to Turkey Turkey mobilizes 1 HQ unit. This encourages the Turkish military. Turkey has a 25% to annex Iraq and garrison it with a bonus Turkish Army unit. (this may increase the chance of an independent Turkish AI if Turkish AI/Events are available in SC2). If Axis DOW on Vichy France and Turkey controls Iraq their is a 50% that Turkey will annex Vichy Syria and garrison it with a bonus Turkish Corps unit if no Allied or Axis units enter Vichy Syria during the turn that the Axis DOW Vichy France.

20. US adds 1 tech chit to its unused tech chit pool. This chit may be used when the US enters the war. (This option may be selected more than once)

21. Garrison the Suez Canal. If the Suez is US controlled the US may transport 1 exisiting US Corps or Army Unit to the Suez Canal. Naturally if the Axis controls Gibraltor they will have to reach it via the Horn of Africa.

22. US Industry Mobilizes for War. US gains 1 Tech level in Industrial Tech.

23. US gives Suez Canal to Turkey. (Only if Action #17 choosen: US Purchased Suez canal from UK - previously and US Congress approves the transfer to Turkey.) Suez canal hexes are now turkish controlled.

24. US commisions new Battleship. (Requires approval by US Congress)

25. US Army prepares for War US Gains randomly selected HQ unit. Requires approval by Congress)

26. Turket purchases fighter planes from the US If Event #19 Occured and Turkey controls Iraq then the US finances Turkey's purchase of an Air Fleet from US Manufacturers (Requires Approval by US Congress).

27. Anti-War Protesters march in Washington. This action reduces the number of available actions and can appear more than once on the randomly generated action list.

28. Peace march held in New York City As above, this action can appear more than once on the randomly generated action list. This option reduces the number of selectable actions on the action list.

The random generation of the list reflects the political realities of the time and ensures that every option is not available at each threshold level. (It also makes the game more interesting)

Options such as #5, #9, #17, #22, #23, #24, #25 and #26 would require approval by Congress as indicated by a chance equal to the current war readiness level.

Example: At 40% readiness the Allied player selects option #9 -US Ships can freely attack Axis ships. There is a 40% that the US Congress will approve this action.

Any thoughts?

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