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ISCL league-Rambo vs. DalmatiaPartisan

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I've got Allies, time to put some quick pressure smile.gif

- Poles scramble to only allow 3-hex attack on Warsaw for turn #2. Air fleet is taken to Cophehagen.

- French sell fighter & a couple of ships for their HQ.

- Corp in London sails towards Germany, ready to land now!

The heat is on.

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Allies attack on all fronts.

- German Sub & Ship sunk East of Denmark, everybody is sailing thru, not bothering with the subs in the Atlantic.

- Kiel is captured by that original London corp.

- Danes reinforced.

- Poles reinforced.

- French roll the dice, no garision in Munich, French now own it.

- UK dumps corps into France, & another is looking for a place to land.

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- Axis of Evil has taken Poland.

- British commandos holding Hamburg or whatever that Nazi city is South of the Kiel Port.

- Danes are digging in.

- Entire Allied Navy is North of Germany, last Nazi surface ship hiding in Eastern port.

- UK puts RAF in Paris w/o HQ.

- French still hold Munich.

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any type of Axis Corps from October: 1 unit on Konisberg, 1 unit on Warsaw, 1 unit N or S of Ajacent Bordering Russian hex and 1 on any other adajcent Russian Border not Romania though.

different if France doesn't fall forget those rules

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