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Save the French Navy!


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I can save the French Armies and Air Force by moving them to Britain before France falls, so how come I can't move the French Naval Vessels to another Allied Port and have them become Free French also? Next time I'll just disband them and build some troops or something...

Ok, I know this is all very gamey, and I just finished reading the many excellent posts on the defense of France, but it just seemed like a logical thing to try.

My first game was with a friend last night...we played 8 straight hours and finally had to call it quits at 5:00 AM tongue.gif

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There is a small chance that the French navy will still fight on after the fall of France, but unlike the air force and army, it is based on a die roll.

Generally it is better to either use the French navy in an aggressive role, or sell it off to buy more troops.

If you are selling it off, it is usually best to deal with the German subs first.

Also, unless the situation demands otherwise, sell off the ships the turn AFTER moving them into port, as that way you will get back more MPPs, as the amount you get depends on their supply that turn.

Hope you enjoyed at least a couple of hours of sleep after your game!

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