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Thank you Battlefront!


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Thank you for producing good games.

Thank you for your great customer support.

Thank you for having integrity.

Thank you for publishing games for a programmer like Hubert.

I ordered the bundle pack today and actually a second copy of CMBO. I think that you are the no 1 company in wargaming today and hope to see more products from you.

I took part in the Meta Campaign of CMBO, which was possible to do partly because of your attitiude towards your community. Hubert has continued in the same spirit as BTS.

And, Hubert, we are eagerly awaiting to get news on your next project.

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I've become somewhat of a lurker in the past weeks (darn work is really jumping right now), but, I had to chime in and heartily agree!

I've not run across a company as dedicated to it's customers, nor a customer base as interesting (in a good way), as I have here.

Well, all but that Matt guy, and okay, Super Ted, but I'm sure all the other guys are great people... heh!


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