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Rambo: Last Rights


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There are the comments and the game....

Now, I like Rambo, don't get me wrong. He says many things. He jams people. He expressed opinions (except while playing, then he is a mute, but that will be talked about shortly)

I read the stuff here. I know that he has offended some of you, and also, that I have offended you. Mine was probably dimness (the Wise, i was kidding!), his was gregariousness.

Now that the game is even, I am focusing into the strategy. Rambo, plays this game well, almost like chess, but there is chance. And sometimes, chance is not good to him.


well now I have a er, gosh darnit. Typing out this note, about the game, and wife comes in, oblivious, to my own oblivioness.



If you play against Rambo, be focused, be ready and have coffee.

Now that I know him, I can beat him anytime.

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Brian --- You are tired, read what you typed! We played for 8-hours & only got thru a year & half of actual SC time. Your defense of France is strong, but at a high cost.

You killed my lead tank, damaged my air, wiped out the Italian Navy...And then you started flapping your mouth. I didn't take Paris until August '40, but England checked out in what, Feb. 41?

Bottom Line: If you want to play against "Rambo Legend" you need to play faster. Yes, I know the connection went out because of weather, the family, etc. But like you said, I play like Chess, & those championships use the flip sand-dial-timers. I don't have 8-hours to play the 1st year of SC. It's like playing in a golf tournament, hurry the hell up!


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Lmao... what this game needs is a Vcr componant. Like in Civ1. I'd like to watch that game u 2 spent 8 hours on. I wish i had the save of a 46 hour Civ2 Multiplayer game I had (Against a guy named Boozemaster:he was anything but) That was a Stress test as well! 38 hours straight then 8 the next day and a loss do to exhaustion while wipeing him up i left the rails ungaurded and lost all in one turn. Lol I can be a dip****.

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