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I just ordered it. quick review please.

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Is there depth to the game, i've

been wanting to sink my teeth into somthing good

for awhile now. It's because of the integrity

of Battlefront that prompted me to purchase.

Oh have there been graphic mods or updates?

Thanks for any responses.


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I am a bit of a newcomer to PC wargames (well, wargames in general), and yes, I admit I found my way to the gènre via *whispers* that OTHER game , but am now keen to expand to different types of wargame.

SC certainly appeals to me, but one of the most enjoyable aspects of my new found hobby has been multiplayer (PBEM mostly - kinda defeats the purpose of the game when you only have a minute to decide all your moves, no?).

What I want to know is, how large is the PBEM community for this game? Any future wargame purchases I make, this will be a major factor as I can´t get enough of playing (read - getting whupped! Dammit I´m a rookie!) against human opponents.

Thanks in advance smile.gif

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Curry the SC PBEM league *Sgt-at-Arms* has been doing a fantastic job of putting together a rather substantial PBEM community. Take a look the following link as it will be the most helpful in this department:


In there you'll find the league URL as well as a very up to date list of contact e-mails at the end of the thread.

Hope this helps,


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