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Why not just delete the thread?

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I had a thread locked once (had to search back 18 pages to confirm that yes it had happened once and I wasn't mistaken).

But I have noticed one other thread that was locked and I can't fathom why.

The one on Gary Grigsby's War.

Can the powers that be tell me how it went over the line (just so I know).

I can tell why others get locked (it's fairly obvious), but then they get left here to further encourage.

Shouldn't the admin people just delete the thread from existence? Otherwise the perp has not been deterred in any useful way.

If a person has been banned then it would follow that their comments should get turfed as well, I would think. I don't expect any of the from audience will miss the threads ....will they?

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I don't recall the thread in question but it was probably much like this one and off topic and posted in the WRONG forum.

We do not delete threads, we keep them as evidence. We may on occasional edit a thread from a banned user though depending on the availability of a "pure" copy and the material they contain. For example if someone were to post detailed instructions on how to pirate one of our products we WOULD remove that info.


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