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News! new ladder started at www.myleague.com/zappleague


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You hear me?!

This means all the problems with ranking system and stuff is solved. All you gotta do is go there and register. Oh, and by the way, please read the Rules section and particularily the "Game Specific Rules".

Welcome players!


[ May 20, 2003, 05:07 AM: Message edited by: zappsweden ]

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I have mailed 88mm to propose a closing the ladder here on the forum and go for a unified ladder on www.myleague.com

I hope we hear from him soon. The latest update of rankings from ladder administrator 88mm is now 10 days old so I have the feeling he wants to get out and none have expressed any claim for takeover.

[ May 19, 2003, 05:34 PM: Message edited by: zappsweden ]

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I searched for strategic command on this site no show? When is the transformation to begin? Can someone put in a hyper link for us mentally disabled folks tongue.gif

[ May 19, 2003, 05:37 PM: Message edited by: Liam ]

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ZappSweden --- Your love for the game & taking charge of the standings/ladder will change you from ICON to LEGEND (if you pull this off). Way to go! Zapp, can we get rid of the word "Ladder" for your new league? This will eliminate alot of redundant use of the "Ladder"...example...which Ladder? Call it ZappLeague, SC-WorldStandings...just call it something new & avoid "Ladder" to avoid any confusion. Thanks & God Bless for your love of the game. I'd love to play your Med.Mod in the new competition. You can even pick sides! Better yet, lets play multiple games. Remember, You & I started the whole competition thing with our original challenge matches.

88mm --- You're officialy FIRED from this Forum's Ladder whether it lives on or not. You can't even update it, yet you post about doing it? Whatever, you're done in my Book. Call me mean, call me a prick, call me we whatever you want, I don't care. I'll do it before you'll ever touch it again.

IronLegend --- Hey Buddy, please book me a time so we can get it on it ZappWorldStandingsLeague.

Well-Dressed --- Dude, another game where I can't get Jets! You have >2 advantage!

Terif --- You have the victories, you're the Champ. But remember, Chrisma is King.

JollyGuy --- Dude, glad to see you playing here & there. Anytime you want to play, lets play.

IrishGuards --- You still alive?

Wachtmeister --- We've had some great games, a couple of Marathons. Don't get burned out from that one week we played ever night. Lets do it again.

CodenameCondor --- We have a game to finish, after my turn # 1 LC-gambit.

HombrePlin --- Dude, you've got game. You're the rookie of the year so far. Good to have you around.

Liam --- Hey kid, I see you're racking up some victories, congrats. Keep working on your game, I expect you to go ICON by the end of Summer.

Punnyworth --- Anytime, anywhere, any scenario. Lets finish our fighting on the battlefield. You're a Frenchie Punk Commie.

Legend of Hollywood,

Captain of Team-USA,

Crowd Favorite,

The Professional,

Rambo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OUT

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Zapp: I have signed up - at least I'm on the player list. It looks like a pretty slick set up - Thanks.

Rambo: I'll be back - too many warm weather distractions - like golf. I've enjoyed our games, but need to cross the finish line first in the next "Marathon".

What is the consensus? - Is Zapp's new gig gonna replace the current "ladder" or will we have both?

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thanks, rambo for the kind words. But i am actualy no longer interested in this game anymore. I am true gamer and as a true gamer i can't stand it when i cannot play. As it seems you have to beg for a opponent my interest is vaporised, kaput , finished :D

Cherio, and have a good time

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Originally posted by Comrade Trapp:

I'm posting my loss here until we get this ladder started.

Comrade Trapp (Allies) losses to Rambo (Axis) bid 150.

Rambo launched a late Sealion and caught me off guard, got real close after his troops got ashore and failed to capture London quickly, while this was happening both the US and the USSR entered the war. England fell and he captured Canada, then moved to invade the US and Russia. When I conceded in May 1942 I was holding my own in the US and Russia but it would have been a matter of time before he would overrun me (he was pulling in around 800 mpps as Germany). It was a good game all in all, I played him to gain experience and ended up learning alot.

Why do u think I created a temporary zappleague topic? Go there and post instead. Also, sign up there.

[ May 21, 2003, 02:35 AM: Message edited by: zappsweden ]

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Originally posted by Shaka of Carthage:

Got a question, that has been brought up on the PBEM topic.

Can a PBEM game be counted as a Zappleague game?



Wouldn't it be a easy thing to add to Zappleague?
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