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Request for Help From Site Officials with URL Imaging and Thanks for the Support.


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Concerning URLs and Image Pasting.

I have been told that using this method is the preferred way of adding illustrations while using the method most of us currently use slows the site and takes too much space or something.

As I'm sure the majority of us are using this counter productive method I'd like to suggest we all switch to the URL technique. But first someone needs to explain how it works before those of us who are not computer wiz's can start using it.

In the general interest of helping the site run smoother I won't post any images till I'm able to do so using the URL method.

After learning how to do this I plan to back track and convert my old postings to the URL method. I am assured by the top man that this method will help us all. It will make his job easier, accelerate the site, and hopefully end the flak I've been getting over my otherwise inoccuous images.

I've further learned the site is pretty much fixed and set in it's present format I will cease suggesting ideas for making it more reorganized. These were never intended in the spirit of telling anyone how to do their job and I'm sure they weren't taken in such an imature manner; they were merely ideas and it turns out they cannot be implemented so that's the end of it.

Well, here's thanking the URL mentors in advance and hoping Mr. Boggs and I can continue to not do whatever it is we didn't do in the first place that got us expelled.

[ January 09, 2003, 02:55 AM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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I'd like to give a special thanks to Comrade Trapp for his fantastic and greatly appreciated defense based on my past postings and relations with other forum members. For once I'm at a loss for words other than to express again my extreme appreciation.

Thanks as well to Immer, CvM, Hueristic, Genghis and the many others who contacted me via E-mail when I couldn't access this site myself to know what was happening. And further thanks for their positive input during this insane electron induced non-crisis!

Kuniworth After throwing a parade for you and forgiving your groundless and less than rational accusations about my true mulitple identities and Roswell type agenda, you practically dance on my grave and scream in rejoicing that your madness was finally justified. After being cleared of something I was never guilty of your best response was disappointment at being wrong again, as you invariably turn out to be. And to top it off you proclaim nobody will ever again call you a fool. Well, I certainly won't. Nor will I ever call you a knuckle-head, a lunatic, a trouble maker, or any of the other titles that seem to fit so perfectly. No sir, not I. :D

Thanks also to my friend Rambo for recommending I stop using multiple identities and start being myself, have some self-esteem, etc., Advice well taken. So far I've masqueraded, according to Mr Kuniworth, as Hubert, Rambo, Jim Boggs and CvM . Of the lot, as I've said earlier, I had the most fun pretending to be you. If the truth must be known, JerseyJohn and Kuniworth are one and the same and I'm denying that even as I say it.

And finally to my friend Jim Boggs, a true gentleman and a good sport. I'd say sharing a dungeon with him was a privledge but I won't as it will only provoke the obvious sort of response from some fool or lunatic or knuckle-head or trouble maker. Anyway, being in trouble, or non-trouble as it turned out, with Jim Boggs, was an honor.

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Sir JerseyGiantJohn --- For your accomplishments on the SC Forum, this week in the year of our Lord 2003, we hereby nominate, & also promote you to SC "Legend" status. You have been borderline to the Legend title for weeks & were the hightest ranking SC "Icon" to date.

Legend --- Highest title given to a SC-player. Requires more than just game; requires charisma, character, & Forum status. Nominations can only occur after doing something 'Legendardy' either on the Battlefield or Forum.
For your outstanding behavior, entertainment, & now "Legendary" 2nd coming after being banished we present you: the Rambo Medal of Honor.


Jimmy "I wasn't Bogus" Boggs --- We hereby reinstate & reinvite you to try out for Team-USA & Camp-Rambo. Jimmy, you did well for your first "pinch". You did two most important thing when "pinched": 1) Never tell the police anything (never open your mouth) 2) You didn't rat on your friends. We hereby put you into the fraternity of "made-men" & you are official a Goodfella.


To the Moderators --- To keep this post "related to SC" I would like to say: I love this game. I enjoy in very much. I'm glad I paid $25 for it. This is the greatest wargame ever. I play it everyday. Everybody in the world should buy it. I like the armies, tanks, & planes. The graphics are cool. My favorite thing is the sound of my subs diving to avoid combat. Patch 1.06 is awesome, the new tech changes are great. Keep up the good work. Thanks for making such a keen product. Thank you for the Forum, bless your hearts.

Rambo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Everybody dismissed

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General Rambo,

Thanks for awarding me the Rambo Medal of Honor and for making my friend Jim Boggs a Made Man.

I'll do my best to be deserving of this great decoration.

"Still recovering from his bizarre experience, JerseyJohn proudly displays the Rambo Medal of Honor. Unfortunately the medal itself is covered by the caption erroneously identifying him as Alvin York, but the two medals showing are also interesting."


Moon, Matt or Hubert -- I inserted this photo in the URL box instead of the image box, and it never appeared.

Please advise as to the correct procedure and I will gladly use the URL route in place of Image.

[ January 09, 2003, 03:23 AM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Guys, posting images on the forum slows it down. All I'm asking is to tone it down. If you feel you need to post images to express yourself, do so using an URL link. The image won't appear on the forum, but a link will, and anybody who wants to go see the picture can click on it, and it will appear in a new window.

When you post a message, you will see a little link under the URL, EMAIL, BOLD etc. buttons saying "What is UBB Code?" - click on it, and it will give you more details about what to do. We tolerate on-topic images of course, that's why this function is active, but overusing this feature for nonsense stuff will mean that we will have to disable it.


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Now that the dust has settled, I need to place one more post. I do not want to leave with 13 posts on my profile, so here goes:


From my reading of archived forum posts in CM, I see that you have been with Steve and Charles since at least 1999, apparently working for free to foster this excellent concept that is Battlefront. Since 2002 you have become a full time member. Your responsibility is to protect the interests of your company and if you err, you must err to the favor of the company. That is what happened in this situation. I cannot be upset with you for having this attitude. If there has been any grief brought upon you by this incident it is not from me. Your very upfront and public apology is hereby fully accepted with full understanding in your rationale.


Thank you for your very thoughtful e-mail. To me you are the epitome of the term "class act". In me you have a lifetime customer, (although I will turn 50 next June, so please hurry with your next game).


To be the first recipient of an award from Rambo is beyond my means to match. I will gladly go through life with the understanding that one day I will be part of a Trivial Pursuit question: "In 2003, SC Legend Jersey John was banned from the SC board. Who was the other guy?" Keep up your excellent work and it was indeed my pleasure to share the dungeon with you.


As stated above, I am not a young kid, and my concepts of treating people with respect and courtesy apparently come across as sappy and gratuitous. I realise that times have changed and the now generation has entirely different ideas on this theme, which is beyond me to comprehend. It is for this reason that I will now bow out of this forum and return to "lurk mode".

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As originally posted by Jim Boggs:

Now that the dust has settled, I need to place one more post. I do not want to leave with 13 posts on my profile...

Jim, if you are this "superstitious," then you surely would be one who would realize that there are ALWAYS antidotes and opposite-solutions to every affront to the common good.

I would simply request that you remain an active particpant, in hopes that you might serve as additional antidote to the crude-edged and sometimes mean-spirited flux & flow of modern-age Nihilism. Black is not a color or a void, but mostly absence of joy and creativity.

IMHO, the kind of ill-consideration and rudeness that you speak of is... merely a temporary problem, because no-one can maintain or sustain such invective or idiot-ignorance for very long, especially if there is active opposition.

The human psyche is resilient and ever concerned to find the... better angels of our collective nature, yes? smile.gif

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TO THE FORUM As stated above, I am not a young kid, and my concepts of treating people with respect and courtesy apparently come across as sappy and gratuitous. I realise that times have changed and the now generation has entirely different ideas on this theme, which is beyond me to comprehend. It is for this reason that I will now bow out of this forum and return to "lurk mode".
Mr. Boggs ,

I for one would like for you to continue your stay with us here on the Forum. Your refreshing attitude on how one's behavior towards another’s should be observed by all and followed as closely as possible! I myself try to conduct exchanges between other members with the utmost respect and display of proper sportsmanship that can be achieved if one can here. We should all try to be more cordial and proper towards other members regardless of ones over displayed adolescent behaviors to express ones feelings.

To name members of such wrong doings is to give in to such behavior and all I can do is shake my head in there disgust.

This Forum as like most start off with good intentions but like many take the wrong path because of bad behavior.

Lets all keep to the Topic as Moon has more than once warned some to do! Lets provide help for new members and discuss strategies and other such topics pertaining to this wonderful game SC. We make of what we want of this Forum as once said so let's make it be and stop all this non-sense!

Mr. Boggs lets not "Lurk" lets show these members as some already know how on how to conduct ones self. This is not what I wanted to have happened when I joined this Forum and I for one am not going to continue to sit idle and read what I have in the past. Lets keep to the Topics, answer questions, respond to threads, and be civil in doing so!

Lets cut out the banter and over gloating about how great one is lets get back to business at hand here. For those of you who are bored now and have exhausted your knowledge on the game then please excuse yourself till you have recovered from your exhaustion.

There will continue to be New members joining everyday and the same questions asked on old subjects, but, its up to Members like us with gained experience and who love this game that will keep answering those old questions day end and day out if we wish.

These are my thoughts openly expressed and this is all I have to say on these matters!

JerseyJohn I realize I have gone slightly off the path on your thread and I apologize but I hope you understand where I'm coming from .

Mr. Boggs I do wish for you to reconsider your decision?

"Your Humble SC Member"

[ January 09, 2003, 01:17 PM: Message edited by: 82ndReady ]

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Originally posted by Moon:

. . . using an URL link. The image won't appear on the forum, but a link will, and anybody who wants to go see the picture can click on it, and it will appear in a new window.

When you post a message, you will see a little link under the URL, EMAIL, BOLD etc. buttons saying "What is UBB Code?" -



Thanks for the info. Turns out I was doing the URL procedure properly but thought I'd see an image on the screen. Having a spot to click on is almost as good and if it helps the flow of things then it's preferable. Will do it that way from now on. -- JerseyJohn

Jimmy "Trigger Finger" Boggs,

You are not a lurking tyepe. I'll never forget the way you pulled me through when we were in the stir and I started panicking, ranting about how I was 53 and too old to do hard time and you whacked me on the head and produced the hacksaw you'd received with your upside down cake! Why, if it weren't for you I'd still be in that dank dungeon instead of out here getting medals and marching in parades!

Immer and 82nd are right, you're a class guy and the forum needs to have you participating. Even my friend Kuniworth wants you to stay, I detect as much from his latest hallucination. He still thinks I'm gone and doesn't realize he's dancing on some other guy's grave!

The fact you've written that great going away speech shows how much you're needed here. Having written a bunch myself I can say from experience yours is one of the best and they get even better with practice -- except for the one's posted by Sarge; he's used the same one nine times already but it works.

You're not only polite and considerate but have intelligent observations to make, a precious commodity anywhere. Especially here. Any remarks that seemed to mock your class are actually words of envy.

I'll remember always what your Butler Godfrey said when he delivered the fateful upside down cake to our cell. You insisted on putting on your tuxedo before we began filing the window bars. The tearful Godfey said, "Sir, you keep alive tradtitions that died before you were born!"

Well James, that's about all I have to say and I hope between the three of us and the fact Rambo has elevated you so exalted a tier, you'll reconsider and continue posting. It's unfortunate that the occasional poster drools on your new suite but and there's a Dane who forgets to take his medication but, well, it is after all and open forum. Look at it this way, those with less class demonstrate the need for someone with your sort of class as a counterbalance.

82nd Well said. No problem straying off course, I can never remember what the hell I'm talking about either.

Immer Well said, as always.

Kuniworth We have to remember Victor Borge was Danish along with Hans Christian Anderson and a lot of other good people.

[ January 09, 2003, 04:00 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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God dammit Jersey Im swedish not danish. Please read this;

Some facts about my country;

- Population; 9 million, monarchy

- Socialdemocratic goverment

- Part of the european Union, but no military alliances


- Vikingland, ruled by the danish crown until rebellion led to creation of the monarchy in 1521. Sweden means the "svea reich" in swedish.

- 1700th century saw the emerging of Sweden as the powerhouse of northen Europe. Dominated the baltic sea with control over Pomerania and northen coast of Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Finland and the finish bay. Crushes the imperialists in the thirty years war, destroys Poland-Lithuania in 1650 by offensive to the heartland of those countries.

- 1800th century; Considered the best army in Europe in the year of 1700 Sweden faces 3-front wars from angry and oppressed neighbours(Denmark, Poland-Saxony, Russia). In this, the great nothern war Sweden Crushes the russians at the battle of Narva relieving the pressure on the fortifications in the baltic states. Denmark are knocked out of the war with help of England and the dutch. Poland are crushed during a 6 year campaign.

With the last remaining enemy left; Russia, the swedish king Charles XII invades the country in 1708 with 40 000 men. Facing a russian policy of scorched earth and the gruelsome russian winter the swedish army retreats to seek help from allied cossaks in Ukraine. The king loses the battle of Poltava 1709 and therebye the war is lost. In 1721 peace is settled and Swedens status as a major power is lost once and for all to Russia.

1900th century;

Finland was a part of Sweden to 1809 when lost in war against tsar Alexander. The french marshal Johan Bernadotte claims the swedish crown and suprisingly attacks Napoleon, helpin defeating him at Leipzig 1813. Norway is annexed by the swedes in 1814, capturing it after centuries of danish rule. Norway remains in swedish hands until 1905 when released to independence. The Nobel peace prize is given by the swedish to Norway as a symbol of friendship. SO thats why the norweigans present the winner every year still today, while the other categories are presented by the jury in Stockholm.

2000th century;

Sweden remains neutral during the great war. During ww2, Sweden adopts a policy of strict neutrality when Finland is attacked(which cuts into the swedish hearts as a knife beeing our brothers and all) and Norway is occupied by the Nazis. Iron ore sells continue to Germany until late in the war in fear of the wehrmacht.

After the war Swedens industry remains intact. That results in prosperity and the development of a higly effiecent and rich welfare state. The neutrality of the war and cowardness against nazism and communism however continue to haunt the swedish people.

[ January 09, 2003, 04:20 PM: Message edited by: Kuniworth ]

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Does that mean you aren't related to either Victor Borge or Hans Christian Anderson?

Glad you live in the Sweden. I've always wanted to either live in Scandanavia or California but a cruel twist of fate, marriage, has left me marooned in New Jersey.

Take my word for it, you don't want to know any facts about New Jersey.

Thanks for the Swedish info. Will commit it to memory. smile.gif

[ January 09, 2003, 06:26 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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