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Kuniworth retires


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I have now played this game for one year.

For one year Ive posted more than 1000 times, thats around 3 posts per day.

I'am so frustrated with this game that it is making me mentally ill. It's without doubt the most addictive game I ever played, but at the same time flawed and irritating. I just cant spend 6+ hours on a game and find it decided by flaws and luck.

In this forum I have tried to bring a positive influence and contribute the way I can.

But I have nothing more to give at the moment. Im getting angry and annoyed at people by letting my life circle around this game.

Hubert is circling like a God around here and like a God dont do ****. People are screaming in vain and misery over the game and get angry at each other. This is not healthy, I had my best time as a prankster, now it´s only about competitive nonsens.

I guess this is SC burn-out Ive reached. I will try to get the hell out of here and never return but will probably not succeed. But one thing for sure I cant go on like this, spending my nights playing a flawed game that makes me nothing but angry and tired.

Lucky Zebra may have been right, it's time to get out of here once and for all.

bye for now and hopefully forever

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maverick-jg-c.jpg smooth as a handle on a gun, KUNIWORTH is his name,

wild as the wind in oregon,blowin up a canyon,

easier to tame!

riverboat ring your bell!

fair thee well annabelle!

luck is the lady that he loves the best!

Nachez and New Orleans,

livin' on jacks and queens,

KUNIWORTH is the legend of the west!

come on kw you're right in the middle of a grudge match (and you're kicking my butt), and you RETIRE!

are we therefore supposed to assume that you REALLY are a septegenarian nazi concentration camp guard who is moving on since his identity is blown?? :eek:

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Kuni-puni-much-Icon-Worth --- You've been riding that SC addiction, ain't it a bitch? This game is like cocaine. Nothing like head-cracking some chump online. Nothing worse than a bad dice roll, followed by a rule abuse manuever. I've never played a game longer than this either. I know the feeling. I took 2-weeks off just to get motivated, now I'm #3 in the World again. Maybe you'll be back, maybe not. Ryder Cup had to be draining on you.

"Know your role & shut your hole" --- Rambo 2002

BottomLine: It's hotter than Hell in Boise, Idaho, USA. We've had record days of 100+ degree weather. I just knocked out a 6-pack Mic-Ultras & got a Keystone Light 16oz. in hand. My girlfriend is bitching about this & that. Guess what, she might be getting walking papers if she doesn't clam up. I'm flying out of Boise to Vegas next week for college football's first week. My NFL fantasy football team rocks. Upper Level Management wants me to drive a new project. Kick ass in everything you do. In 100 years, it won't matter anyways.

Be a Legend in everything,

Captain Jon J. Rambo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OUT

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