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Kuniworth saves freedom of speech. Return of SC HQ!!!!


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During wednesday Comrade Trapp announced that he surrendered in the game against Kuniworth. After losing a british airfleet and Axis looked incredibly strong for Barbarossa Trapp gave up. Bid was 10 in 1:10 so Russia only had 100 additional MMP to stop the onslaught.

The low bid was due to Comrade's refusal to play axis. Kuni bid 10 and said that he would take Comrade's bid no matter the size. So Trapp was forced to play allies.

As a result of this victory Kuniworth claims a win in the winterstorm tourney and the SC HQ is to be restarted. NOT LATER than tuesday was the deal. But Comrade got until Thursday evening to get it up and running.

Kuniworth saved the day. Lets all rejoice in this victory for the community. Three times horrah for the hero!!!!!

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