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Invasion of Turkey

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I was experimenting in hotseat mode with a invasion of Turkey as I want to use it in a PBEM game I am playing. Russian readiness jumped to 100% from 68% after I invaded. Does an invasion of Turkey automatically bring the U.S.S.R in to the war? Thanks to anyone that can answer this.

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If you want to get Turkey before the war in the east starts that is only clever, if you are able to get those 100 MPPs in the South-Russian mountains on the first Barbarossa move and if you manage to land quite a few units into Russia via the black sea (to steal some additional MPPs), IMHO.

Most of the time you are able to conquer Norway, Sweden and Vichy if you are interested in getting Turkey before Barbarossa.

But then you will have an eastern front on June 22, 1941.

Yet timing is crucial. Against a good player you just won't have the time you need to take Turkey before Barbarossa and simultaniously keep the British from harming you.

As for your original question:

NO, the invasion of Turkey does not automatically bring the USSR in. The jump in Russian war readiness varies a lot and must lie somewhere between 30 and 40%.

You already had 68% for Russia, so it only took 32% to go up to 100%. You should only go for Turkey, if Russia has about 52% (no exact value, just a rough idea) and if you still have about 4 turns before June 22 (that would be 16. March 1941). When Russia is at about 50% you have a good chance that they won't jump to 90% if you invade Turkey.

As long as Russia is under 90% they won't prepare for war.


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