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Possible Win XP desktop fix


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I run XP Pro and with both versions (gold and beta) of the demo it always rearranges my desktop icons.

I just tried running the gold demo with compatibility mode (Win98/ME) set and it did not rearrange the icons.

Give it a try, right click the desktop icon for SC and then click on properties, then the compatibility tab.

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Not sure what version I have to be honest , but then I did only just get it yesterday (must be the current one I would think).

All in all though, the game executes from the desktop icon it auto created. It plays well with no troubles, and closes down with no sign it had every been active.

And I use XP Pro with no unusual modifications.

My sound and video are bland though. I have an 8 meg onboard video and a bland sound onboard as well (I think, heck it's my computer buddy that puts all those things in there for me eh, I know better than to touch the inside of my computer smile.gif )

I also used an unmodified install (let it lut it where it default wanted to).

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Your desktop is probably not set to run at above 1024x768 so it would not move your icons when you exited since it's running at the same resolution.

I tested the Compatability Mode suggestion above on my XP Professional system (desktop resolution 1280x960x32 bits) and it DID work, at least for the demo with my Geforce 3 ti500.

I do not know what, if any issues, running in Compatability Mode may have on the full game. I have seen issues where with some games running in Compatability Mode caused the CD drives to no longer detect the CD's when inserted.

For those of you you with XP that want to try this workaround it is very simple to perform.

Right click on the Strategic Command Demo icon on your desktop. Select "Properties", A window will open with three tabs along the top. Select the tab called COMPATABILITY. Put a check mark in the box labled "Run this program in compatability mode for". In the drop down list, select Windows 98/ Windows ME.

Leave the three boxes at the bottom unchecked. Click OK to exit and save the chnages. Now run the demo and see what it does when it exits.



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