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Arieldao, deberias intentar de jugar TCP/IP es mucho mas excitante que PBEM.

Ademas PBEM es tan lentooooooooooo y siempre hay las sospechas que alguien simplemente es jugando la misma ronda varias veces para obtener los mejores resultados....

Parece que vives en Mexico o?? Si vives en Espana seria mucho mas simple de jugar de vez en quando online....

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Originally posted by Codename Condor:

well Shadow, what can u say about a kid that post in the official SC web stating that he downloaded the game... and he even cant write proper spanish for u german people to understand he thinks he is in the suburbia talking with other bummers.

well mister condor, in chile there is no way to buy strategic command because there are no exist companies that bring the game. the only way to play sc is to download in internet. besides, i already communicate with the sales staff of battlefront to buy the sc 2 direct for battlefront...bueno y como decimos por aca en chile, señor condor y al maricon de jj rambo : metanse sus juegos por la raja !!

y gracias a sombra y knalla por aportar a este foro guiandome hacia donde dirigirme para poder jugar..ustedes si que valen

exito a todos menos a condor, nazi culiao y al gringo de mierda del jjrambo

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Apart from not sharing my bed with Winona Ryder my life is not bad at all, i dont live in a slum like u prolly do, my spanish is cool, I can write some english and i dont have no problems with US people.

Come to Spain, u can get papers∧ a job and make some bucks, and with the new goverment now gay people like u can get even married! Aint that tempting for a queer guy like u?

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@Condor --- Sombody "rack 'em"! Nice take. I'm glad you're cleaning up these free loading (no pun intended) gamers from South of the border. I officially proclaim you as the Spanish Czar or whatever cool name of power you wish to carry. Far as marrying dudes to dudes, well.....we know the world is going to end now.

Nice take >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I'm Out

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hey Kuni the only thing u said that is right is that this guy is getting smacked big time... U know, im Dark Condor now i fell to the dark side, i spit and yell and shout all nite, ive played too many games with Rambo and me thinks smackin' attitude is catching.

And Rambo, give Kuni the Czar title we all know he is a russian gay(=happy) lover. tongue.gif

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