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Sea Lion Defence


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Very open ended question which is okay, I will try my best. Playing the Axis 95% of my time, experience has shown what people do with Britain, in this order:

1) They deploy no ground units to France. Operate the Malta-Air to London & buy a HQ. Then they send their fleet (& French) to head-crack the Italian Navy.

What does Rambo do (as Axis): Go for hammer-time on France, maybe help the Italians with just 1-air. Once France is flowing my way on the ground I look quickly to trash those pesky Brit-Airs that have been intercepting my missions. So as the Brits, don't let those air-units get eliminated. You need Air to "see" the FOW; which is absolutely critical to watch the German landings. Because you will to make quick decision on SeaLion ground defense.

2) Don't send all your units to Egypt. Everybody preaches hold Egypt at all costs. What for? The game is on the line where the action is. The Med. front sucks for the Allies, no supply, no leaders, etc. Plus, what can you counter-attack in the Med. on the ground? Libya is worthless. Iraq is over-rated. So many Allied players put HQ's in Iraq w/ 3-Airs, trying to buy Jets. Looks cool, you get extra cash, but you have no punch with Britain because you're sitting on your "Blessed Assurance". Get off your Blessed Assurance & bang the Germans in the belly.

3) BIGGEST MISTAKE PEOPLE MAKE AS BRITAIN: Sorry, can't tell you. This is for people who are part of my "Member's Club". I'll give you a hint: They are still playing Britain like it's 1.05, not 1.06!

"Member's Club" members receive the real-deal information to the Keys to the United Kingdom. Take your advise from somebody who.........well you know. (Being humble)


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Originally posted by jon_j_rambo:

3) BIGGEST MISTAKE PEOPLE MAKE AS BRITAIN: Sorry, can't tell you. This is for people who are part of my "Member's Club". I'll give you a hint: They are still playing Britain like it's 1.05, not 1.06!

I'm guessing this has something to do with research.

If I'm right do I win a Kewpie Doll?

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The Rock (Brian) --- You get a gold-star & get to move to "The Head of the Class" (I played that board game when I was 4, but I'm not 4 for those who struggle with the written English language.)

Everybody has their opinions how to play the game as the British. I prefer not to gamble in Iraq, the Med., or some other gamey adventure. When I'm the Allies, I make the Germans earn it. They gotta go to Russia.

Everybody wants to beat me quick as the Allies by going nutso (or is it nutzo) with gamey plays, slamming my ships, kamakize my planes...They get all happy, talk smack, & think they got me. It takes me to Sept. '40 to finally get France. The laugher is on them when Britain is mine in Jan. '41.

By the way, nicknameing you the Rock is a WWF smack-down thing. (And no, I don't watch that crap, so be original & don't go there)

Professor Dr. Rambo, Phd.

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I usually play WW II Campaign games from Poland on but SC really allows for "gamey" tactics early on. The W. Allies have a free hand early to really set back the axis position. It is practically impossible from preventing a plunder and establishment of defense positions from the low countries and they can usually find and sink both alantic subs early and smoke the italian navy as soon as they enter the war.

should make Sea lion an extremely difficult proposition.

Rambo - have u had success in preventing the fall of the low countries on turn 2?

once having this setback how can the axis player hope to overcome theses odds.

:confused: it is nearly impossible for the axis player in PBEM or TCP/IP to be in historical position by May 10 1940.

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J_Campbell --- That's a great question regarding the LowCountries gambit. I've seen it many a time. The French & Brits dig-in early. The result is they look good early, but have always paid for it later. The last 3-games I've played it took me til August '40 to get France. But on the flip side I had Britain by March '41.

This is an issue that will be getting more attention. Why? Everybody is doing the LowCountries thing. It the sign of the times kind of thing. My opponents use to pull-out early to create a Free French Army for later. From one extreme to another.

Camp Rambo is addressing this issue. We haven't lost yet!

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This message is in part to Rambo, and in part about this subject.

First: About this subject: Hubert wrote a post about handling the allies in the first turns, against the Axis. It was a very nice and elegant set up he had, and he had actually designed it, pre-1.06. You should refer to that definitely for a bit of advice.

Second: I semi-agree with Rambo about head cracking the Italian navy, but his advice doesn't quite work. If you are letting France fall, you may not get the chance. During our first and only PBEM game, I had my French and a good portion, but not all, of the British fleet ready to head cracking the navy, intending to use the French before they were going to die, anyways. What happened though was that he deftly wiped out France suddenly (surprised even him), and four french fleets dissappeared. poof!

First: To Rambo: I think in someways, the Dutch gambit can be very effective. Italian readiness increases on two variable factors: Moving the Malta air out, and declaring war on the Lowlands. That in turn, changes US readiness.

Those factors are very wild. While I was waiting for you to figure out how to play IP, I tried it three times. Italian war readiness moved from 65 to 80, and the U.S. changed by about 8 percent to 20 percent. You were very lucky, in that Italian war readiness jumped to, I think it was 96% and Italy joined the next turn before I could get a couple of corps to defend that front. Still, I had you on the rocks.

Second, to Rambo: The gambit, definitely gives the French time to use those expensive ships and wipe out the Italian navy. In fact, during our game, by the time I france fell, You had no navy. None. It was closer than you will admit.

My advice, for what it is worth: If you're going to let France be on its own, and slowly die, don't let the Britsh get anymore involved than maybe a single corp, at most.

If you're going to do the Dutch gambit, that means you're going to fight for France tooth and nail and use everything at your disposal. In that case (partly in retrospect), move the syrian french to Egypt, move the alrerian french to malta. After killing off the italian navy, get any remaining fleet out of the Med, and join it into the battle for france.

After France falls, immediately bombard Brest and Cherborg to zero. It will buy you time.

Any spare English corps you have, move to england. Risk even sending the gibralter corps up there if need be and guard that by a weakened fleet or two.

Conclusion: I like the Dutch Gambit, because it's risky, and it's a fight. I played it on Rambo, because it made for a good fight.

That's enough of this post for now. Opinions?

thank you

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