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Whether to buy the game


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The game has just been released in the UK and I am considering buying. However, I played the demo and seem to remember mauling the AI. I have also played other games such as Third Reich, and like many people here no doubt, mauled the AI. I'm not trying to make out I'm a great gamer (because I certaintly am NOT!), but I want to get an idea of the strength of the game. Whilst I know I can play PBEM, is this the only way I will get a decent game?

I would appreciate peoples comments about the strength of the game in single player vs the computer AI

Thanks in advance

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I have the Third Reich PC game, it takes some patches to make the AI worth it.

SC is not the same though.

It will take you a while playing it before you can laugh off the AI. But like all computer games, it isn't any match for the human mind eventually.

Key word is eventually. If you won't mind paying what is to most a low price for a game you won't be beating to darned soon, then SC is a good option.

Not surprisingly though, in time you will become one of the guys thinking playing humans is better.

I have been wargaming for years now, and I can say that the AI is no push over. Don't be fooled by what looks like a plain jane wargame. If you don't think out your game, you get beat up, even by the AI.

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Compared to the old AI in 3R, SC is aggressive and challenging. Not perfect, but very good and will definitely provide a decent game on the higher settings with FOW. It's worth playing.

There are a couple of known weaknesses and shortcomings that have a significant impact on solitaire play:

- Lack of Axis seaborne invasion strategies for Norway and Sealion

- Lack of Axis and Allied Med strategies for North Africa and Italy

- Limited research strategies for both sides

There are various other minor quirks, but overall the AI is capable of fighting the ground campaigns in a very respectable manner. Play the 1940 scenario as Allies to give Norway to Germany. Play some of the mods which add extra units to North Africa for more balance there. The editor can be used to easily make additional changes as necessary to make the game more challenging.

Once you figure out the AI weaknesses, playing human opponents via PBEM or TCP/IP is easy and well worth it. There's nothing like having a real thinking opponent on the other side. ;)

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As originally posted by Penfold:

Whilst I know I can play PBEM, is this the only way I will get a decent game?

Welcome! to you and all the UK (... and other Euro's) who are just discovering this fun and highly addictive game! You guys have been playing war-games of one sort or another since the Knights of Roundtable days, yes? :cool:

Anyway, the AI is good, but eventually... predictable. You CAN find some Mod scenarios that provide more of a challenge, or

You can look them all over to get up to speed on the latest ideas, and use the Editor to make a solo-game that is appropriate to your abilities.

I've done that, and in my last solo game, I did NOT conquer Russia at game's end in May 1947! First time that ever happened.

***I would post this extremely challenging scenario somewhere, but it seems Otto (... who started a fan-site way back at the beginning of SC) has not been available for quite some while, and no-one seems to know when or if he will be again... :eek:

Anyway, play around with those parameters that you can edit, and you'll eventually find a solo game that is fun and challenging to play.

TCP is indeed a good way to go (... or some combination of pbem/tcp), because, as many have already suggested, the Nefarious Foe will always! surprise you with some great, or strange move. ;)

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Go ahead,put your money on the counter and go home a reassured man.Feed the dog,tell the wife to take the visa and go shopping,get some cold beers and some siggies and let the ai slap you in the face on expert +2 setting.Then learn the mechanics and beat him back.

Then come play a real game of SC.

Welcome ;)

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Its certainly worth 25 bucks. I feel that due to the dearth of good wargames available, Battlefront should be supported. When my friend suggested that he could burn a copy for me I declined and purchased the game instead. I hope that all our support will result in a healthy company that produces many games in the future. This military history genre does not attract a large following, so we must make up for our lack of numbers through loyalty.

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I NEVER buy a game just to support a company, they have to earn my money like every other business.

That said, I do still frown on giving wargames away (even if I could care less about anyone else out there in the non wargaming software industry).

Whatever my thoughts on Battlefront though, they gave the hobby SC, and it is a solid product.

The best way to support our hobby, is refuse to buy anything that is garbage, and thus discourage software makers from making garbage.

But always support buying a game that has proven its worth.

Further on the subject of SC and whether it is actually any good, let's just say this week I have decided to play game after game of the 39 to get in some catch up learning.

Observation gained...no your many years of wargaming will not make you automatically superior in SC. If you don't read the manual and no not just skim through it, and don't read through the equally well done SC Strategy Guide, your performance is going to SUCK.

The AI might not be Jim Dunnigan in a box, but SC is not a game that allows casual no planning game play. If you don't think, you will lose to the AI.

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Yeah, bought my copy via Battlefront as well.

Recently I ran into SC at Game (UK software shop); part of the 2 games for £30 deal.

What a steal! Especially since the other games in that range included the truly superb Galactic Civilisations.

If you are an UK wargamer there is really no excuse left not to own SC (and Galciv! End of plug).

Nicer front picture as well; D-Day instead of marching pig-nazi's.

von Schmidt

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