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The Forums and The Matches


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Once upon a time, not a very long time ago, we had players who wanted to arrange matches and they did so without obliterating every other posting on the page. These were the players and though not everyone considered themselves to be in the group nobody felt particularly crowded by them.

When not playing, players were welcome to contribute to forums or start forums of their own, and they often did and these forums and the players contributions to them were often very good and worthwhile.

Other forum members rarely played except in private and by arranging things off-forum through E-mails. What these people really enjoyed was examing aspects of the game and discussing history and changes that might be made to future versions of SC.

Until a little while ago these two seperate groups seem to have got along harmoniously. Now, for some reason it's turning into a free for all and even the forums set up supposedly for the purpose of hosting these free-for-alls don't seem to be adequate, instead every forum regardless of it's thread is fair game for someone either challenging, defaming or insulding another party and whatever was being said that wasn't sheer in your face went right down the drain.

Along with this site.

It's turned into bedlam. And there was no reason for it to happen. None.

It's as though in a few days the collective IQ of this site dropped a hundred or so points.

Submental in your face behavior is fine for the forums that were supposed to contain it. But maybe the rest of us don't want it taking over the site and maybe the rest of us are tired of seeing one guy getting all the blame. It isn't just one guy and I happen to really like every one of the culprits, but this nonsense has to either restrict itself or stop. The in-your-face guys have suddenly been empowered to destroy any forum they want for the sake of arranging matches and flinging bull**** at one another.

All of a sudden there's only one type of entry and it's either "you're a cheat" -- "you're a liar" -- or some other infantile drek. Even second graders grow tired of that after an hour or so.

I know the chances are I'll get some ignorant, beligerant reply telling me if I don't like it I shouldn't log in. Well, it's getting to the point where that wouldn't be such bad advice.

[ December 28, 2002, 11:19 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Well, Jersey John, I don't like what you said at all, because it's true and I am guilty of exactly what you described. I have tried to add interesting threads about stategies and observations. But lately, I have to be honest, I've abused the forum, and I apologize.

Where's that pic of the tower of babel when you need it.

So here's my promise to the room (that I will try to keep, no gurantees, but an attempt is good). No new threads, unless it has to do with history, or strategy relevant to this game.

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Sounds like a great suggestion.

J.Wagner I'm not quite sure of what I said either, it was too confusing to edit.


Thanks for the good word and spoken with the great wisdom you are famous for, along with the terrific forums you've started and your outstanding contributions to those of others.

"Where's that pic of the tower of babel when you need it."

Back by popular demand [briantheWise], a different version, this one by Pieter Brueghel (1563)


[ December 29, 2002, 04:09 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Originally posted by Canuck:

I think everyone on this forum should go and download ICQ and then they can A) Arrange games much more easily between each other without cluttering up the forums and B) argue amongst one another regarding who has the worst case of Rommel Syndrome.

Do i have u on my list? If not add me to yours and i'll do the same on the respond.


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Very well said JerseyJohn and others. It's encouraging to have other men stand up and say "Enough!" Let those seeking opponents go to the Opponent Finder Forum or set up their own games by emailing others directly. That little email icon up there works pretty well. And let those seeking to discuss off-topic material go to the General Discussion Forum. That's what it is there for.

We can and should police our own ranks by bluntly telling offenders to move on to the appropriate forum. If they can't or won't take a hint from their wargaming "band of brothers," then our moderators should get involved. There is no excuse for some behaviour on this forum. :mad:

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