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Visiting Paris ... (joke :) )


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Old Fritz (in his 70s) is having a chat with his grandson. G-son reveals to Fritz, he plans on taking a trip to France.

Old Fritz: Ooooh!!! France is a nice country indeed. If you reach

Paris, you have to go to the Moulin Rouge!!! I tell you !!! It's the most incredible place i've ever been to!!! You eat caviar, drink the finest champagne and have the most exquisite ladies satisfying your every dream!!! And, it is all free, can you believe that? Free !!! Incredible, tell you!!!

G-son: No, it can't be true!!! All that luxurious stuff for free??? It can't be!!!

Old Fritz: Trust me, I ain't senile, i know what i'm talking about!!!!

So g-son decides to follow Old Fritz's advice and the first night after he arrived in Paris, he walks to Moulin Rouge ...

Well, 1 week passes and g-son gets back home.

Old Fritz: Oooh, my g-son!!! How was the trip to France??? Did you enjoy your staying there???

G-son: Well, everything was exactly how you described, with a tiny exception!

Old Fritz: Huh?

G-son: Caviar was great, champagne was top class, women were, well, absolutely a blast!!! But, at the end they charged us EUR 6,000 !!!!!!

Old Fritz: Noooo!!! This can't be true!!! There must be something wrong!!! How did you get to France, anyway???

G-son: Obviously, by plane.

Old Fritz: Aha!!! I knew it!!! Well, this is the problem, I got there by Wehrmacht!!!

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ROFL, oh come on now, The Germans certianly aren't the worst my friends. Hell, first it was the Greeks. They wanted to conquor the World, Alexander had so much ambition he would've never stopped until every piece of real estate in the World was his.. Then it was the Romans. Then it was the Mongols. Then it was the Christians under their Spanish flag. Then the Brits... Finally the Germans wanted a piece of the cake but the Reds and the Americans were just too powerful for 'em. Plus they were contending with the old Empires of France<who like the Germans had a brief moment of Glory> and England who was starting to die out... Though ultimately what happened from Fritz Grand Plan

USA and USSR become the Greatest Empires in the World. The end of Colonialism. The beginning of the Nuclear Age. After all of that, the greatest achievement the enduring of Capitolism of Communism, Socialism and Monarchy...

"P.S. a Joke from my Girlfriend told by R.Miller.... "How come the Germans didn't get involved in the War in Iraq and Afganistan?"

"It wasn't Grand Enough for them!" tongue.gif

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exactly Liam, i always wonder about people talking about how horrible people were in ww2 (mostly the germans) I always wonder, do you have any concept on history. We have for more than a thouand years killing, torturing, slaughtering and doing tons of horrible things to one another.

The thing about WW2 is the numbers that died yes very huge but only because the population was huge. I watched a show about napolean and how in one day the russians lost 80,000 people thats huge for their time.

One day the news will say that the some empire declared war upon earth and in 10 minutes slaughtered the colony planet and 5 billion have died.

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Originally posted by Mr.Dozer:

I watched a show about napolean and how in one day the russians lost 80,000 people thats huge for their time.

80,000? Are you sure you've remembered that correctly? As far as I am aware Russian casualties at Borodino were circa 45,000, unless of course new research gives a different figure, but as there were only 120,000 or so Russians present 80,000 would be a very high and very unlikely casualty figure.
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