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Italian Pre-War Campaign Ready for Download

Desert Dave

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Finally, it's here!... Ottos' game site

The new Italian Pre-War Mobilization '39 campaign scenario.

From the text-document included:

Italy will not be able to become adventurous until their OOB is completed. On the other hand, it would be a VERY rash Allied player who tried to knock them out early

The premise is simple: Italy has somehow been convinced, or Il Duce convinced his greater Italian Self... to enter the war in September 1939.

However, there's not a lot they can do, other than provide some small threat to the south of France. But, that's why there is a French Alpine Corps in the southern mountains. ;)

The Italian OOB and MPPs have been reduced to levels appropriate to early entry. France OOB altered slightly as well, to include an armor unit. The Germans and Brits also get some new units.

Anyway, I would encourage all to read the text document that has been included for the complete rationale and all the details.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any comments or suggestions. If enough people do so, then I will make slight changes to the scenario.

Thanks to Bill Macon and JerseyJohn for their help in the making of this scenario. :cool:

Enjoy! smile.gif

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I played a game of it, pretty interesting at first but it seems very uneeded if you will. Since Italy is at war in the beginning it's not really Pre-War mobilization, and it looks more like Italy (and some others) just got trounced in a major war or something.

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As originally posted by Night:

I played a game of it, pretty interesting at first but it seems very uneeded if you will.


You mean,

Like knobs on a broomstick, or

Turn-signals on a skate-board? tongue.gif


All that's needed in Life

Is H2O, food and water and sometimes,

Shelter from the Storm

(... and,

maybe a free & easy help-meet,

exquisite and discreet,

for those like Shaka who'd

rather not... ah... so... do without)

... and it looks like Italy (and some others) just got trounced in a major war...
No other way to prepare an OOB and keep Italy right on schedule... they should have a "normal" array of combat units by July of '40.

As situated, it seems closer to being the Sitzkreig of History than not, since no-one has much immediate striking power.

Also, you do not want Foreign Legion in Syria or Algeria to go roaming around the Med, true? Even if you cash them in (... since no penalty for doing so) you wouldn't get much.

And, this gives the Player an opportunity to determine Italian, and to a degree, French forces for themselves.

***One thing I may add: Activate Denmark as has been bandied about of late on this forum.

Rationale being... as is, it would be fairly difficult for an Allied Player to convince themselves that it is WISE to attack the Low Countries.

The Germans have sufficient forces in the area, and without a NEED to attack Denmark on turn 2, they could do with a smaller force in Poland (... after all, it doesn't matter how SOON Warsaw falls) and still get the LC BEFORE the Allies can muster sufficient strength... given that the available forces are somewhat... depleted, as you say.

Now, I am fair thee well convinced that this scenario is balanced, but one other thing might be done for those who want the game... EXACTLY honed, and that is,

Simply boost the War Entry of Russia slightly, as has also been discussed of late.

Well, upshot is: there are very few ways to curtail the Rome & LC gambits in the standard '39 campaign... assuming you would even want to.

With this scenario, I am yet suggesting that those two strategems are... very nearly impossible to achieve... and perhaps SOMEBODY will find a way through the thicket, but I doubt it. ;)

Anyway, Night, thanks for the feedback. :cool:

[ June 25, 2003, 10:36 AM: Message edited by: Immer Etwas ]

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agree about starting with troops that are not at full strength. even though it may look like a war just ended, it gives the player the hard choices. if you STILL want to invade this country early, then you have to sacrifice THIS and THIS.

this is one way to control CONDUCT of any given nation, with the tools available to a campaign maker.

am playing a game vs. ai and am enjoying it!

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