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AAR: 'We shall go to the end..'


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Last night i played a game against a canadian player nicknamed 'Jul', here's a small after action report.

Sept. 1939

Methodical attack of German forces against Poland: on turn 1 the two polish armies got surrounded and slaughtered, on turn 2 the polish corps rallied around Warsaw got nailed, and on turn 3 the Polish Flag waved no more.

Meanwhile the german navy conducted a suprise shore bombing against the neutral Denmark, whose small resources stimulated the Fuerer. Fishers of the baltic reported of a German submarine sailing toward Norway.

In the Atlantic, by the end of Sept., the german raiding subs were no more. One was caught near Canadian shores, raiding merchant shipping, by a mixed french-english naval task force of cruisers, while another fell in the hands of more powerful UK battleships and carriers ca. 300 km. north of Irish beaches.

As the germans prepared to invade the low countries, UK naval HQ decided to try a Baltic move while german airfleets would have been necessary to bomb Bruxelles. A task force of 2 carriers and a battleship (to be later reinforced by two battleships just freed from sub hunting in the atlantic) sailed towards Oslo. Unfortunately erroneous intelligence led to an assault against the task force; UK naval HQ refused to flee the battle, and committed more forces: after German air involvement in the action, UK\French naval forces sank the remainings of the german navy, and retreated for MUCH needed repairs.


Winter '39 - Summer '40

German troops, after having stormed the Ardennes, broke the french lines with Luftwaffe heavy support. Weygand, commander in chief of French operations, retreated the defence line to Paris, and recalled most colonial corps to the mainland, having given enough time to UK mediterranean fleet to sail past Giblatar.

As the germans regrouped before the final drive to Paris, 3 French armies, led by Weygand HQ were able to reach the safety of the english ports before Paris fell. The heroical stand of the last French corps entrenched in Paris will be always remembered, as no French soldier surrendered to the enemy: 'Free or Dead' has been the password.

Fall-Winter 1940

With Italian entry in the war, German assets had been shifted to the mediterranean sea: Wehrmacht detachements, along with italian armies, stormed greek beaches, assaulting Athens from the sea. Reports spoke of frightening Panzer divisions coming out of the sea; intelligence reports of a Panzer III mod that makes the tank waterproof, and capable of going up to 15 m under the level of the water.

Back to England, Naval HQ reports of an increased German naval activity, and sends a task force towards Norway, sure of catching German troops ready to land still in their transports. Unfortunately a bad timing is chosen, as no German ships are sailing in the norwegian channel; most unfortunately a large concentration of German planes was preparing for a huge bombing on Oslo, and the british task force is heavily attacked, reporting the loss of a Battleship, and several hits to the escort Carrier. UK fleets faint a withdraw, luring german transports near Norway where, protected by a screen of U-boats, they begin their attack on Norway. German troops land, and, with the help of the powerful Luftwaffe, Norway seems doomed: their garrison in Oslo is destroyed, even if no german troop is able to occupy the city yet.

1941: The year that changed history

While more fearful elements of the English government are struck in fear, seeing the power of the german air force, and the great resources of their industry, desired a retreat of the UK naval forces from the risky action, again the PM, Winston Churchill, astonished his audience:

"One year ago I had only one thing to say: we shall fight them. And now, the same words come to my mind: we shall fight them on the waves of the Atlantic, on the fjords of Norway, on the gentle waters of the Mediterranean Sea; our struggle shall be carried on by our brave soldiers, and in the air no more a German pilot would fly, feeling safe from our Royal Air Force.

We shall defend our island, as well as every nation shall accept us as friends: we shall not leave Norway alone in this God's given task."

Superior UK battleships sweep the waves from german u-boats, and Carriers wreak havoc upon german HQs and troop at sea; meanwhile, UK fighter pilots intercept every german air mission, forcing the german HQ to retire his luftflotten from Danish soil. Free french and canadian soldiers hit the shores behind german lines in norway, cornering the enemy in the northernmost part of the coutry, chasing them as a cat plays with the mouse. UK special forces take the port of Kiel, while Greek heroes stand like Leonida's spartan army, delaying the axis conquest of their soil for months.


Italian subs and battleships got bombed by UK air forces while sailing near Alexandria and Malta, and Yugoslavian people rally under the Allied banner, joining the struggle against the Greatest Evil Ever.

UK lead researchers work day and night, knowing no rest, to deliver their nation the much needed technology upgrades.

British troops leave Kiel, having completed their task: german troops and air forces are stretched all around europe, while Stalin prepares for war; UK controls firmly norway, and Italian navy can't do anything else than sitting in their ports.

Internal pressure is too much, and the Fuerer is killed in a suicide attack of a former SS officer, and struggles between internal Nazi and Military factions forces the Third Reich to crumble under allied blows. Peace is sued, and Europe takes its time to rebuild its cities...


This was a heavy tech-affected game: jet was at 0 for both germany and UK until the battle for Norway. UK (me) got lvl 1 long range and jet on the same turn my carriers bombed german transports, while germany got the lvl 1 jet one or two turns later; in 5 more turns i got level 2 jets. This helped a lot UK efforts, and then URSS readiness jumped on by 10\turn, so Axis player decided to bail out instead of a painful defence against soon-in-war Russian forces.

(This is just to tell that SC community is ALIVE, maybe a bit less LOUD!)

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Mr P.

Great commentary. smile.gif

Everyone keeps killing off old Adolf! I'm considering it in the AAR on Logan's 1945 Fall Weiss.

A fine short game full of action. If you're going to do more of these you might want to past some photos in there; it will make it more interesting for the readers and break up the writing.

As I don't recall seeing you put one in your postings I'll list how it's done:

Pasting photos is pretty easy.

First find one on a website, then right click on the photo you want,

Select properties and click on that,

Highlight the entire path, hit control + C

Go to your posting at SC,

Select image , backspace through the http in there, hit Control + V and you'll see the path inside the box.

Hit OK and it will appear.

If you want to do it as a URL instead, which is better for oversized shots, repeat the same procedure except choosing URL instead of Image. After hitting OK, a second box will appear, fill in your note there, as in click here for such and such, except you can't use certain key words, such as Link .

The best thing is to avoid photos that make the margins wider than they start out. Most photos won't but sometimes you'll paste it in and see the Post bulge out of shape. I always go back and delete those and find a smaller one.

Each post will take a combination of eight images and instant graemlins, so if you're using images and those other things [ :D :mad: :rolleyes: etc & etc...] and find it won't come out it's usually because the combined total exceeds 8; which will also be in a message at the top of the page.

Normally I try to keep the images fairly small and down to one or two per entry. A lot of images tends to slow things down and hinders the server, casuing the Thread to be locked.

Hope to see more of it, you've got a flair for this stuff!

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Those are great pictures and thanks for the site, I just went there and it looks very good.

On small pictures you can often judge how wide they are and whether they'll take up a third or half of the screen. Very often you can place them side by side this way:


The effect is often much better than having them sit alone with a large empty space off to one side.

You're picking it up so quickly I'm sure you'll have no problem with that.

At this point in my own Threads I like to use a few small photos instead of one or two large ones and it also seems to be easier on the posting system, which is good. No point having it locked because of too many large photos.

Well, time to sign-off and get some work done.

Great Work My Friend!

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