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CNN; Europe's SC ryder cup team is takin shape


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CNN breaking news;

The european ryder cup team has now officially presented some of the players that will participate in the TCP/IP clash with team USA later on. Head In charge of team Mr Kuniworth earlier today presented the following line up;


"Europe will present a very strong line-up, actually more or less a real z-league all star team. In the first primarly selections the first players were chosen;

Terif -

z-league ranking; #1

Country; Germany

Kuni; "Simply the best SC player in the world. Will be a great contributor to the european cause. Hopefully he will give us a secure win to boost our confidence."

ZappSweden -

z-league ranking; #2

Country; Sweden

Kuni; "International renown player with solid game play. World class."


z-league ranking; #5

Country; Spain

Kuni; "Very solid and promising spanish player. Will surely challenge the top-3 soon.

CNN; "Mr Kuniworth is hopeful that the selected players will stand up to defend their continent. Kuniworth also stated that the remaining two spots in the team will be presented soon. Rumours are that impressive Codename Condor will make a comeback to bolster the european squad. Well it remains to be seen if it´s true, but Team USA and Rambo will surely have something to think about. The euro's are definately the favorites to win the first SC Ryder cup championship."

Facts Europe SC ryder cup team;

Team captain; Kuniworth


1. Terif

2. Hombreplin

3. ZappSweden

4. Vacant

5. Vacant


6. Vacant

7. Vacant

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