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Friendly Map Edge question . . .

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I built a little map and now my Axis and Allied Forces come in facing the wrong direction and not pressed against the map edge.

I triple checked that the Friendly Map Edge is correct for each side. North is up. East is Axis. West is Allied. But when firing up a QB to load the map from file to put my forces on it, they are facing the opposite direction within thier set-up zones. (And crawl toward the enemy when in panic mode.)

Ideas? Suggestions?

Thanks for any help,


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Are you sure the setup zones are correct, red, white or blue for Allies, Green, black or yellow for Axis. Is the victory flag on the opposite side of the map from the attacking force. Just some possibilities ( I have never imported a map for a quick battle).

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You probably designed your map, with the intention that Axis attacks/defends from the East, like it was in NWE ToO the case most of the time. But... CMAK was designed for Med battles, where Axis came from the West. Therefore all QB's are generated with Axis set-up zone on the West side of your map and Axis troops facing East.

When you import a self made map in a QB, the parameters of the QB will overrule, the parameters of your self-made map.(It's stated somewhere in the manual)


Use Pyewacket's map converter to invert your map. As I experienced in the past, the same problem as you have, this feature was specifically added by Pyewacket to his program on my request. It's also a great tool to convert CMBO maps into CMAK maps, in order to use them for QB's.

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Thanks McAuliffe. smile.gif

So, I did not realize that in CM, one side ALWAYS sets up East/west dependant on nationality. For QB's at least.

Or is this the same for Scenarios? Can the Axis forces attack from the East (attacking to the WEST) in hand-made scenarios?

I'll have to test this later . . .

Now, off to get Pyewacket's Map Converter. (Please tell me I can run this off my Mac. Lie to me, if need be.)



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