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can someone explain .........


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You bid for playing the Axis (standard scenaria fall weiss 1939). Allies get additional mpp at the start. This is done by using the editor. There are different bidding systems:

- original one: 1:1:1 i.e. bid 100 means UK, USA and Russia get 100 mpp each at the start.

- 1:4 until 1:10 i.e. USA doesnt get mpp. UK receives 1 x the bid, Russia 4-10 times the bid.

Standard is in the meantime the 1:8 system:

e.g. bid 250means: UK 250; USA 0; Russia 250x8=2000 mpp.

Bidding is done because most players think Axis has an advantage against Allies, to determine who plays which side and to even out skill differences between the players.

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How is the Axis advantaged?

By the time the war with all 3 Allied countries start Axis could be around 650-680 MPP in a best case scenario.

When russia joins, they get 480MPP per tunr plus some starting MPP, 480+150(avg.) for UK that's 630 right there, add in the US 180 and it is an average of 810, lets say 800MPP per turn for the Allies.

True the Axis received plunder but for the most part they are 150 avg MPP lagging behind every turn.

Or does this really change when you play a human player?

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Or does this really change when you play a human player?


Normally by spring of 1942 you will see:

Germany - Around 625, and growing

Italy - Around 150

Total 775

USA - 180

UK - 130

USSR - 400 and droping fast!

Total 710

USSR will not hold at 480 because they will lose western and Central Russia quickly. This is tipically the 'flux' point. Eather the allies stop the Axis advance and slowly turn back the tide (if they are lucky) or the axis will crush one side of the allies - east or west. That is the question (west is best?).

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